How to log ChaLean?


I was wondering how I will log the ChaLean videos here on MFP?

I have a HRM....BUT its been MIA since we moved - its in a box somewhere, but have not found it yet. So until that shows up, how would be the best way to log it? I was thinking maybe Circuit Training (I remember doing that with the 30 Day Shred before i had a HRM), but wasn't totally sure?? I'll be wearing my FitBit One, but I know that won't pick everything up, so want to log it here on MFP, but wasn't sure what the correct category might be for it.

Thanks!!!! :)


  • Becca619
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    Anyone? :) Thanks :)
  • jamielr84
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    Bump in case you get an answer. I'm getting ready to start ChaLean too!
  • Mom2M_and_O
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    According to my BMF, I burn between 150 and 175 calories for the strength days. There's a margin of error there since no device -- HRM or otherwise -- will be entirely accurate with lifting exercises. But those burns seem to be similar to what I see other MFP pals logging for CLX.
  • Sambo004
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    Hi, I use a HRM and I burn between 250 - 350 cals on the strength days and up to 450 - 500 on cardio (highest for Burn Intervals of course). Around 450 on for Burn it Off & Recharge. I often add the ab workouts on the days that I do strength and during the Push Phase I usually do one of the shorter cardio workouts as well, because the strength circuits are shorter.

    I'm 120 pounds and 5.4".

    They are such great workouts! Definitely my favourite of all the ones I've done to date :)