Stay at Home Moms, Please!

Hello everyone! I'm a 29yo stay-at-home-mom. I've been a member of mfp for over a yaer, but I keep falling off of the wagon. I'm determined to figure this fitness thing out! Since I'm at home with my kids all day on most days, the temptation to eat a lot is more present since I have constant access to my kitchen and cupboards. Staying at home with small kids (my daughter is 4 and my son is 2) can also be stressful at times and that also leads to the desire to binge. Finding time to workout is really hard since my kiddos are with me allllllllllll the time! I feel that other SAHM's can best understand my situation and also offer useful advice to me to keep me on track. I'm home a lot and I have access to my computer often since it's on my kitchen counter lol! I'm good at giving support and hope to make some new friends who can do the same for me. If you feel you and I have a common lifestyle, please send me a friend request. I know that my success is ultimately determined by myself, but it can't hurt to have some great friends helping me along the way.

"You've only failed if you've stop trying."


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    i know exactly how u feel, im a sahm too, my girls are at school (age 6 & 5) but my boy is only 9 months and 3 days a week i look after my nephew who is 11 months so 2 babies keep me on my toes. the temptation is always there, everything i do im tempted by food. id love to just walk out and sayt NO lol but i dont think ill ever be able to do that without thinking but i really want it :-/

    add me if you like and we can try and figure this temptation thing out together :-)
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    I am at home with five. I home school so they won't be leaving ever. I love it most of the time and have no.desire to change that with them but it is a challenge. It makes it hard to not only stay out if the kitchen but to get good exercise in as well. Add me if you like.
    I try to add the calories BEFORE I eat them. That helps when I see what I have left.
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    I know how you all feel! 28, SAHM here of 3 (4, 3, and 17m). The kitchen is always readily available and way to easy to access! My kiddos love to zumba with me however this creates the problem that there is no room for me and hurt feelings when I ask them to let momma do it! When I do squats I'm turned into the bridge everyone wants to crawl under! They always want to drink my protein shake or eat my diet foods lol so...You would think that the lbs would be falling off you're always picking someone up, carrying someone around, running around behind them. Anyways, I'm determined to drop these pounds! I've got a big dry erase board on my fridge saying "NO" it works sometimes!
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    <--SAHM :)
  • I'm a 30 y/o SAHM too of a demanding 6 month old. I'm breastfeeding (mainly pumping) and I've been trying to stick with a healthy calorie controlled eating plan for years to lose and maintain weight. I can definitely relate to your story of falling off the wagon. We just have to keep trying and not give up. I recently lost a close cousin who was only 38. He passed away in his sleep. He was a very large man but he was very young as well so it was a shock to all of us. His memory is keeping me motivated to keep trying and be honest with myself about what I eat. When I was pg my weight just crept up on me and I would think to myself "there's no way I could have gained 10lbs like that, that quickly" Now seeing my calorie count I can see how those days of going anywhere from 300-500+ calories over can equal major weight gain. Sometimes I am able to step back and really think about what I am doing and stop myself from mindless eating and eating for other reasons than hunger and that's when I feel like I've been blessed with a little self-control victory. Everything happens over time and each day we log our calories and exercise is the closer we come to realizing our goals. We just have to be consistent and not give up!
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    I find it is always easer to have a plan and schedule. My boys thrive on a schedule. We have set snack times as well as a set cardio dance time daily. During their naps I get in my strength training. As for house work my kids have a quiet play time that they can color/read while I get some power cleaning done. It was hard at first but after a week my boys and I knew what was coming next.
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    I also am a SAHM of a 2 year old boy and 4 year old girl. The hardest part for me is snacking on their left over food as I bring it to the kitchen. LOL. The winter was so hard because we couldn't get outside and get exercise very often. I gained back 6 of the pounds I had lost last summer. I am finally motivated again, especially since we can get outside again. Walked 5 k to the mall and back today pushing a double stroller. :) Add me if you want since we are in a very similar boat.
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    I am a stay home mom to my 11 year old daughter
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    I completely understand where your coming from 100%! I am a stay at home mom of 3(1,5 & 7). I find myself desiring to eat healthy and buy all the healthy food out their but then when I get home can't seem to eat any of it. I'm a big time snack and a diet Pepsi addict. I have a lot of weight to use and its very overwhelming. I would love to have accountability buddies on here who are in the same boat I am.

    *The only person that can stand in the way of you meeting your goals is YOU*
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    I'm also 29 and a SAHM to a 3yo, 19 month old twins, and am 11 days away from delivering my 4th child. Looking forward to dropping the pregnancy pounds once this last baby arrives! I've found that naptime is usually the easiest time for me to get my workouts in; whenever I've tried to get up before them in the morning, they always seem to wake up earlier also!:tongue:

    ETA: feel free to add me as a friend!
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    Hi there! I'm a homeschooling mom too. I'd love to be friends!
  • mammakisses
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    Hey I'm a SAHM too and completely understand what your going through. I'll send you a friend request.
  • I'm also a home schooling stay at home mom to 3 boys!!! Ages 6, 4, and 1. I would love to have other stay at home mom "friends"!
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    Hey I am a SAHM also. You are more then welcome to add me!! I love my friends!!! I have two girls 4 and 3... 13 months apart so I am under construction!!!!!
  • mammakisses
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    Today me and my daughter (4) walked to the park and once there while she was playing I jogged around the play structure. I got a good workout while my daughter had fun playing. I did also play with her of course.
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    Where there is a will, there is a way. Get rid of the bad snacks, pre cook meals, make homemade protein bars/granola bars - Make it so that when you do snack, you're snacking on healthy unprocessed things. Go for lots of walks, take them to the park, find a sitter to watch them a few times a week so you can get a run in and when you're husband comes home tell him you need the time to yourself and chose to exercise during it. I'm a single working mom of 2, I hit the gym on my lunch breaks and we are active when we're home... We eat healthy, we don't keep junk food in the house. It's hard, but once you commit to it, it'll be second nature to you. Good luck!!
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    I have a 4 yr. old and almost 2yr. old and a SAHM. When we moved from the Sunshine State to PA the pounds started to increase because of "hibernation". I have found doing Jillian Micheal's 30 Shred has helped. It' about 27 minutes total and I can easily work this in during nap time. I have been doing the Shred about 4x a week and have lost 3lbs. the first week. Also looking for friends to help motivate.
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    maybe try to make your own snacks instead, package them for the weak and have the hubby hide them or something. has some awesome recipes, you an always sub ingredients.
    get all the msg junk addicting food out of there! that way if you want to snack you can at least much of fruit, seeds, nuts or other tasty things.
    maybe try and workout while they're napping, or just encorporate them into your workout. have them play and run around with you if they are old enough. my sister used to joke around and do "baby lifts" and just lift my nephew up and down all the town as strength traning :laugh:
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    all stay at home moms can add me. there is also a sahm group here on mfp
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    Any of you can add me if you want. SAHM of a 3 year old boy and 4 year old girl. :) I haven't had much of a problem with the SAHM aspect of it. It's the self-sabotage that's been an issue (in December I was at 51 pounds lost, now... notsomuch)