Inches loss success stories!

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    I find it incredibly hard to lose a lb, but, I've lost 4 dress sizes!!
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    I hadn't had my measurements done for 3 years (I belong to a gym that will do them). In that 3 years I stopped going to the gym, didn't do my cardio, etc,etc.....So to say I was nervous, was an understatement.

    Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I lost

    2" in my waist
    3" in my abdomen
    1" in my hips

    The rest remained relatively the same, but I wish my arms had gotten bigger lol (I have very thin arms and am hoping some weight trainng will change that).
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    I should have measured myself :(
  • StArBeLLa87
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    6inches in waist and 7 inches in hips. Only 20lbs lost! Slaving over a scale is discouraging!

    AWESOME JOB TO ALL!:flowerforyou:
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    I just lost 8" doing stage one of New Rules of Lifting for Women in 2 months. Didn't drop a single pound - but I can see the difference - 3" off my waist alone, see profile pic :bigsmile:

    If I'd only stood on the scale and not taken measurements / photos I would have been so discouraged. Ditch the scale and measure the body - I'd rather be the same weight but have 8 inches off my body. :blushing:

    Bring on Stage 2 :laugh:
  • I've lost 19lbs according to the scale and 9" all over. 2" in each of my thighs alone. Doing 30DS, walking, a short upper body weight routine, squat challenge.... starting heavy weights at the gym today.
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    I lost 9 inches on NORLFW stage 1! Not a single pound lost, but I now fit comfortably in a size 8. Not to mention I can deadlift my own body weight :D My scale went into the closet about halfway through stage 1, couldn't stand to look at the unchanging number and feel discourages when all of this awesomeness was happening everywhere else.

    Edit: apparently I got overly excited and put 11 instead of 9, whoops. I'll get those extra 2 inches in stage 2 though!
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    I have lost 13.25 inches overall at least measure. Over that time I've lost a whopping 2 lbs! I'm only counting since Dec. 10th. Not losing weight is still discouraging, but seeing it somewhere counts more.
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    OK here it is so far... My weight hasn't dropped as fast as I wanted or it should have, but this pic shows the 74 inches I lost even though it was only 35 lbs. I've since reached 90 inches as of last month and 46 lbs - need to measure again to see if I've hit 100 inches yet (fingers crossed)

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    Wow awesome job keep it up!
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    4'11" eating from 1,700 calories to 2,100 on heavy lift days
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    Wow that's amazing how toned you are so far!
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    I am down 38lbs so far and 42 inches. Lost inches before I started to see a loss on the scale
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    I have gained about 6 lbs but have lost about 8 inches all over!! =)
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    I am having such a hard time with NOT being a slave to the scale....Tomorrow is Level 2 Day 10 of the 30 day shred, and I did pics but no measurements. Scale has not moved, and I even feel like the pictures are not showing a huge difference. I am ready for the scale to drop!