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ripped in 30 diet plan?

Has anybody followed Jillian Michael's ripped in 30 diet plan. I have never tried to follow a diet plan but I just started ripped in 30. I would get 7 days free and then $4 a week after that. I am just wondering if the food plan is strict? Reasonable?


  • lynda3y9
    lynda3y9 Posts: 62 Member
    i just bought the dvd too and thought the food plan was on the actual dvd....but i haven't checked out that chapter so perhaps it's just a 'go to the website and give us some more $$' message......... not sure i would pay $4 week for it...that would add up quick. my dvd was only $15. ...there are tons of food plans out there.
  • Focusedjessy
    Focusedjessy Posts: 114 Member
    I agree. The first week is free and then it is $4/week. I thought of trying it to see and just do it for the 30 days but probably won't do it. I eat well anyways.
  • ninerbuff
    ninerbuff Posts: 48,743 Member
    Only people actually get ripped in 30 days are people who are already in shape. :laugh:

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