The BEST smoothie for your skin-98 calories!

I saw this reciepe on a website and thought Id give it a try. It taste AMAZING!!!

8 oz of water
1 crystal light citrus packet energy with caffine (I added this, I dont drink coffee, you can omit this part if you want)
1 cup of kale (I used Natures green from Walmart already washed)
1 cup of frozen mixed berries (blackberries, blueberrys, raspberries) unsweetened (I used Wymans of Maine found at Walmart)

I use a Hamilton Beach single use blender I found at Target for $16. You blend then drink from the blender.

1st you fill it up to 8 oz water (my blender has a measuring thing on the side), put in the crystal light and kale, blend for about 15 seconds, then add the berries, blend for another 15 seconds, and ENJOY! :)

The kale and berries help againest wrinkles, uneven skin tone, act as antioxidents againest cancer and other diseases. And if your like me and not suppose to be consuming dairy its perfect because it has none!
The nutrition amounts are:
98 calories
16 net carbs
2 gm protein

For more protein you can probably add a protein powder to the mix.


  • Cindym82
    Cindym82 Posts: 1,245 Member
    Sounds yummy, might have to try!
  • It is very good and you can't even taste the kale, the sweet taste of the berries over powers the vegtable.