Okay so with my weight loss journey, im thinking of converting myself to becoming a vegetarian. So i went and bought a butt load of greens. Cabbage, broccoli, peas, carrots, greens, turnips, bell peppers, and brussel sprouts! But theres my problem,, BRUSSEL SPROUTS! they taste so BAD to me! is there anything to do to make them taste the least bit decent!? Seasonings or a different cooking method, ANYTHING! also i would love so great veggie ideas and recipies! oh and of course feel free to add me as a friend! im always looking for some great motivation! also can provide some for others too! please and thank you!(:


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    I use to be vegetarian, and the downfall is making sure you get enough protein and iron to make it through the day. Make sure you are eating beans and cheeses, and milks. Otherwise you will cave into processed foods that "look" healthy. Meat is better than those things. Other than that, I love the sprouts in stir frys, soups, and plain with pita bread.
  • eep223
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    I say don't eat them if you don't like them!

    I personally like them roasted until they started to brown, just with a little salt and olive oil. YUM! But with all those greens, just eat the ones you like!
  • taradickison
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    We love brussels sprouts. I oven roast them with a touch of olive oil and garlic. I drizzle balsamic vinegar or lemon juice on them after they come out of the oven. Both of my boys actually cheer whenever they know I'm making them.
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    love me forever:
    cut each sprout in half. toss in olive oil, salt, and pepper (add a little minced garlic or garlic powder if you are so inclined). roast on 450 till the edges turn brown almost black. these are the way they rock...that boiled brussel sprout crap is just nasty.

    turnips...same thing..chop into 1 inch cubes and roast in olive oil or butter w salt and just a little pepper, i add a tsp of sugar too. so so good

    for the greens, i cook them regular Southern style but a while back i sweated the onions and garlic in olive oil instead of bacon grease and realized i didn't miss the bacon grease at all so since then, it's just olive oil.