help with calcium ideas

I'm trying to increase my calcium consumption (per doctors orders). I'm looking for some other options that aren't necessarily cheese/yogurt/kefir and are possibly lower-cal than those.

I don't eat red meat or pork and I tend towards veggies and fruit for carbs vs grains. I'm also not a huge fan of supplements and if it comes to that point medically, I'd probably just say screw calories and eat me some cheese. I'm hoping someone has a better idea though :)

Any thoughts out there?


  • poesch77
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    How about orange juice with calcium in it? Pudding?
  • katy_trail
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    sardines or salmon with the bones in.
    both very low carb and filling.
  • FP4HSharon
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    If you're not into supplements because of side effects, I'd recommend Viactiv Calcium Chews. They taste like candy, but they don't have the side effects many calcium supplements do. Also, just 2 of them(1 taken at 2 different times during the day) gives you all the calcium you need in a day.
  • conniemaxwell5
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    Here's a list of foods high in calcium that I found on line:

    Milk 1 cup 290-300
    Swiss cheese 1 oz (slice) 250-270
    Yogurt 1 cup 240-400
    American cheese 1 oz (slice) 165-200
    Ice cream or frozen dessert 1/2 cup 90-100
    Cottage cheese 1/2 cup 80-100
    Parmesan cheese 1 Tbs 70
    Powdered nonfat milk 1 tsp 50
    Sardines in oil (with bones) 3 oz 370
    Canned salmon (with bones) 3 oz 170-210
    Broccoli 1 cup 160-180
    Soybean curd (tofu) 4 oz 145-155
    Turnip greens 1/2 cup, cooked 100-125
    Kale 1/2 cup, cooked 90-100
    Corn bread 2 1/2-in. square 80-90
    Egg 1 medium 55
  • dorthymcconnel
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    Greens have some amount of calcium in them, like spinach and kale. You'd have to eat quite a bit to get the calcium you need, though. Almond milk has some if you are trying to stay away from dairy. Although I will say it doesn't take much cheese or a glass of milk to boost your calcium intake if you'd rather not take supplements.
  • Almond milk, the unsweetened kind is only 30 calories for 1 Cup !!! and has tonnes of calcium.
  • Mere_Dith
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    Darker green veggies (kale, broccoli, chard, collard greens) have a lot of calcium in them, you still have to eat a lot to get the full DV out of them though . You can also try adding a plant-based milk, I think unsweetened almond milk gives you 45% for 30 calories.
  • allaboutthecake
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    Spinach, broccollli, collard greens, Okra, sesame seeds, brazil/almond nuts...lots others, can't think of any off top of my head. A cup of steamed spinach contains 245mg while 1/2 cup of oranges contain 52 mg. Ummm, fruit: dried figs, kumquats, dates, rhubarb, prickly pears, apricots.:smile:
  • katy_trail
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    sardines or salmon with the bones in.
    both very low carb and filling.

    I like the smoke flavored sardines best, but they have many great flavors.
  • majope
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    Dairy products or pudding. Snack Pack pudding has 30% of your daily calcium for 100-120 calories, depending on flavor. Sometimes I mix it with my morning oatmeal for a very satisfying breakfast.
  • fitacct
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    I have the same problem - trying to get more calcium into my diet without resorting to supplements (even though just last night I bought Citracal Petites and plan on taking just half the recommended dosage on those days when I need extra calcium to hit my goal). That said, I drink unsweetened almond milk, eat plain, non-fat Greek yogurt and occasionally have Swiss cheese and I still don't hit my calcium goal. I try to have greens every day and recently bought kale chips (high in calcium), which are quite tasty. Best wishes!