Success with ZUMBA DVD?

danilee1020 Posts: 85 Member
I don't want to go to a class. Is it worth it to buy the DVD's? I'm willing to commit to do it, but is it the same? Thanks!


  • lfcutie
    lfcutie Posts: 103 Member
    SALSACHICA1 Posts: 66 Member
    do you need people around you to push yourself or can you do that alone? I have to have a group to push me, otherwise my P90X and my insanity DVD's would not be collecting so much dust!
  • flexdirectcpr
    flexdirectcpr Posts: 103 Member
    I have the DVD's and really enjoy them. They work better at whittling my waist than anything I have found. I have never been to a live class, but I think I would hold back a little in a group setting. I really give it my all at home.
  • clarkeje1
    clarkeje1 Posts: 1,624 Member
    The classes are fun! I'm not the type of person to go to a fitness class but I count down the days to zumba every week.
  • nrod1988
    nrod1988 Posts: 111 Member
    yeah its different... i do the zumba rush for kinect and i love it.... i have done dvds as well. so far ive lost 10 pounds doing zumba in 3 weeks
  • krumpli
    krumpli Posts: 76 Member
    The classes really help me push. My instructor is super cute (not physically, well that too, but just in her behavior) and high-energy. The group gets really into it! I think at home I would be sort of half-shaking it, but at class I kill it!
  • luckyjuls
    luckyjuls Posts: 505 Member
    I can't say much in comparing a class to the dvd's as I have never taken a live class. However, I do love my Exhilarate set. If you read reviews comparing the first set they put out to the newest one, a lot of people prefer the first. I can't attest to that either.

    What I can say is that the set is FUN. If you need something to get you going on your journey, this is it. I love that you can listen to it without verbal cuing. And I think it's a great way to get into that Zumba spirit. It certainly has made me want to continue my progress with a live class.

    I really like the first Activate dvd and I enjoy the Exhilarate workout, too. There are a few moves they could explain more (especially during the swing dance song) but overall, the moves provide a wonderful all body workout, which is what Zumba is about. I'm planning on doing the Mix dvd tonight which blends dance styles from around the world. That one looks challenging and it's an hour long.

    There's also the Rush workout (20 minutes) which is definitely going to make you sweat and the Toning workout which I haven't tried. Lastly, the have a Live Concert dvd which I haven't even looked at. A lot of people say the instruction isn't great with that one, but I think you can get an excellent workout with the other DVD's and in time, you won't need the verbal cuing at all.
  • AmberleyAngel
    AmberleyAngel Posts: 160 Member
    I absolutely love love LOVE my Zumba DVDs. They are awesome; so awesome that I bought Zumba Exhilarate (the second set) this week. I still prefer the original but there are some interesting differences in Exhilirate. I prefer the privacy, the ability to do it whenever I want, and sometimes do sessions twice a day (yes, I love it that much). When I started out I could only do 8 or 9 minutes; now 2 sessions in one day (usually one). Greaaaatt!

    And I am seeing good results in the toning of my body and so is my husband ;)

    Did I forget to mention I L O V E Zumba on DVD. hehehe
  • MightyDomo
    MightyDomo Posts: 1,265 Member
    I would say the DVD might be hard to follow unless you already have experience but would probably work as long as you don't slack

    Personally I use the Kinect Zumba game and it's fantastic!
  • xilka
    xilka Posts: 308 Member
    It definitely provides a burn, and if you're looking for a calorie deficit, a good burn is helpful.

    I like Zumba because it's fun, and I don't get bored, but I mix it up with other videos -
    check out Fitness Blender on YouTube - free enormous collection of different workouts,
    no musical background, so you can use your own music - with an instructor talking you through it.
  • Isakizza
    Isakizza Posts: 754 Member
    I personally love the classes so much more. Don't get me wrong, the DVD's can be just as good but I started to tire of them. So after only a couple months of doing the DVD's (3/week) I ended giving the set away to my cousin.

    I feed off of other's energy, so in the classes I tend to try harder and faster.

    Either way, just get moving! It's all good for you!!

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  • danilee1020
    danilee1020 Posts: 85 Member
    Thank you everyone! I want a boost to my airdyne workout and see that people have some amazing results with ZUMBA, I'm going to buy the DVD's thanks.
  • klappeh
    klappeh Posts: 49 Member
    I have tried them both. I think as long as you can push yourself to actually do them on your own, then it is comparable.
    The zumba classes i went to were so popular it was hard to move around freely and you always had to be mindful of where you were moving as not to bump into people!

    I have the DVDs and the Kinect game and love them just the same. I can let it all out and not feel self-conscious, I can set my own schedule, and mix and match routines. Also i have like twice to 4 times the space i would have in a class :)

    financially speaking, around a month or so of Zumba classes will pay for the DVD set that you get to keep forever :)

    good luck !
  • dwh77tx
    dwh77tx Posts: 513 Member
    I tried a Zumba DVD once and hated it. I go to Zumba at the gym about 3X a week. Not only do I love it, but I've made lots of "friends" in the class and they miss you if you aren't there!
  • AmberleyAngel
    AmberleyAngel Posts: 160 Member
    Enjoy the DVDs Danilee. :)
  • twoss9112
    twoss9112 Posts: 162 Member
    I havent tried Zumba on DVD yet, but I have Zumba Fitness2 for my Wii and I like it a lot. Definitely a great workout!
  • irma0502
    irma0502 Posts: 30 Member
    I lost 4kgs in two weeks doing zumba rush and ripped dvd on alternate days.
  • PlayerHatinDogooder
    PlayerHatinDogooder Posts: 1,018 Member
    These are probably two of my least favorite things combined together.
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