What kind of physique can wife & I see using Stroglifts?

My wife and I are about to start Stronglifts, but I want loose body fat and not look like a power lifter.
I'd like see muscles and definition without looking bulky? I've done some searching and have seen a several women who look fantastic that lifted, and I'm sure my wife will do well, But what can I expect?


  • mramazin
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    you have to take into consideration a lot of variables. diet, weight used, manipulation of the weight, time under tension. in a perfect world you would see some mass and strength gains. the stronglifts were not designed for making someone a bodybuilder or a powerlifter but give the benefits of both. guess some would call it the best of both worlds. if you want to be stronger and add a little more size. capable of eating write while doing this program it will great to do.
  • amiaow
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    You should see large increases in strength, good increases in muscle size (faster for you than for your wife) that will occur over many months and probably some incidental things like better posture. Stronglifts is a good full-body program and because it's all barbell/compounds you get a lot of bang for buck.

    Losing body fat comes down to your calorie balance, which is largely determined by your diet. Dieting and strength gains don't really go hand in hand though it is possible when you're just starting out. Dieting and muscle gains definitely do not go hand in hand unless you're new to lifting. FWIW, my hubby has recently started dieting and lifting for the first time (he's doing AllPro's beginner program) and is experiencing the simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain phenomena on a 20% deficit. I'm jealous!
  • jimmmer
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    Have to echo the above: your lifts will go up initially due to increased neuromuscular efficiency, whether you are in deficit or not. 5x5 programmes can be difficult on a cut though. You may want to eat at a slight surplus for the first couple of months to put on a bit of muscle and nail down the form whilst your stabilisers catch up and then switch onto a programme that's more forgiving on a cut to reduce your bf% a bit and show off your new muscles.

    The lady's husband above is doing All Pro's which I'm currently running on a cut and is generally reckoned to be easier to cope with on a deficit. So there's that option a few months down the line.....

    You won't end up looking like a pro powerlifter unless you eat ridiculously massive amounts of food and train like you mean it for several years!
  • trialstyle
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    Any guys have some before after pictures using the stronglifts?