How do you stay motivated?!

Starting 30 day shred tomorrow/today (1am here)

Need advice on how I can mentally kick myself up the *kitten* if I start to slack off


  • carrieous
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    i dont need to stay motivated because i feel so great after a workout, i want more.
  • _kannnd
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    Honestly, I look at my kid. She's 7 and in advanced gymnastics. She's built like a little brick. She's my main motivation now to get healthy.
  • MelsAuntie
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    I'm eating healthy, not giving up anything I really want ( chocolate, rare beefsteak), losing weight each weigh-in, my 3- month-old jeans are falling off my *kitten*, I have energy, I feel damned proud of myself. How can I NOT stay motivated?? It's all good.
  • I use electric shock therapy to stay motivated. Just kidding. When I start to waver, I just think back to how poor I felt, and looked, before beginning to exercise (I also keep a horrible photo of myself taken just before I started on my phone that I can pull up as a reminder) and that does the trick.
  • Slowqueen
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    See.. You guys are talking about looking at your progress
    Since I'm on day one I've made none
    So that doesn't really help

    Thanks anyway though haha
  • _chiaroscuro
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    See.. You guys are talking about looking at your progress
    Since I'm on day one I've made none
    So that doesn't really help

    Thanks anyway though haha

    I can understand that; maybe go with character instead. Each day, remind yourself that you want to be the type of person who keeps a promise. And you promised yourself you'd do this, right?
  • jenhed96
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    I'm not on day 1, but I'm very much in the beginning of my journey. Pictures of me at my heaviest motivate me. The scale motivates me. Thinking about how skinny girls get to wear cute clothes motivates me. I remember an NPR commentator said one time, "I like clothes better than I like food" and that always stuck with me for some reason. I'm not motivated by my kids or that kind if thing..its mostly the vanity stuff (how I look, how I feel, my clothes, etc) that motivate me!
  • See.. You guys are talking about looking at your progress
    Since I'm on day one I've made none
    So that doesn't really help

    Thanks anyway though haha

    Ok... You evidently decided to start to exercise for a reason. Whatever those reasons are, use them. If you start to slack, think of what got you started in the first place. I started my journey almost a year ago and can remember the early days, some were great and others I faltered, but I kept thinking of what I wanted to look like and feel like. I was tired of being tired. I was tired of being overweight. So I kept at it. Some days will be hard but just keep your "eye on the prize", results will happen and then they become a whole new motivation. Good luck in your journey and godspeed.
  • HydroTerra
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    I just thought of something else I do sometimes to stay motivated. I started exercising last year by doing P90X and to stay motivated, I would (and still do from time to time) watch the infomercials. This always gets me pumped up. Just seeing all the transformations and the testimonials. Anyway, thought this might help.
  • HudaSaman
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    I google before and after losing weight pictures for people who lost 100lbs and more, these stories motivates me the most. Because I know that they got through very tough time way more than me.. ( I am trying to lose 10kg = about 20 lbs )
    This is the most motivating thing for me !
  • Cr01502
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    I get mine from the souls of virgins.
  • ctpeace
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    Even on my earliest, most pitiful workouts, I reminded myself that each time I decided to actually do my workout, I was becoming the person I wanted to be. The NSVs will come later, and I bet you'll see little victories sooner than you think!
  • EmilyOfTheSun
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    Try doing a program that doesn't require you to workout every single day. It's not necessary. It's a lot more enjoyable when you aren't made to feel that workouts are taking over all your free time.
  • Sambo004
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    Doing 30 Day Shred completely changed not only my body, but my attitude towards exercising! I found the first round a challenge, but I loved ticking every day off, knowing I'd done it and of course seeing the results. It also started my love affair with exercising as many days a week as possible (as my husband will allow, which usually requires at least 1 rest day now). I absolutely love exercising now and I could not have got as far as I have (I've done many different DVD workouts since), without 30DS :) 30 Mins a day - no excuse not to manage that!
  • loriwhitefaith
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    You are the judge, the jury, and the executioner of your own life. Noone else can decide that for you.
  • bearkisses
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    i find the more i do, the more on track i am, it just keeps rolling...if i stop, it becomes hard. make a habit out of it! just keep staying active and eating right and you'll be a okay
  • whierd
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    I don't really need to stay motivated. I made it so that it is now my lifestyle so it comes naturally. If I have an occasional off day, no big deal, just keep trudging forward. And I enjoy going to the gym, so that isn't an issue either.
  • 1luckygal
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    Oh. My. Word - I thought you were serious with your 1st sentence - thank God I finished reading your post! LOL!!!!! I swear some people really are that obsessed with working out - shock therapy - smh! :) But I'm with you on the rest - so I don't go back to what made me start this to begin with! :)
  • jtcc91
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    I just took the dreaded "self-portrait-in-the-mirror-before-pics" last night. They are on my phone. All I need to do is look at those before I eat this-or-that or am tempted to be lazy! I use my phone for the MapMyWalk app, so it's always with me. (And, of course, the MFP app!)