I've tried every diet out there!

my fitnesspal has been very easy for me to use and is a visual. I'm not counting calories, points, not eating packaged foods anymore. I'm just tired of it, it's not realistic.
I'm cutting back on breads, and eating no sweets right now, no fast food, diet drinks only.


  • cdavis1126
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    Diets don't work. Changing your lifestyle does! I've switched to pepperidge farm whole wheat deli flats and Trader Joe's tortilla wraps, they are wonderful. No more white sugar, white four or high fructose corn syrup. Working out everyday. I've been on this awesome food plan since October and have lost 84 lbs and 59 inches. The great thing about my food plan is that we really don't cut out the foods we like, just tweak them a bit. I could have a brownie as a snack but made in a different way. I can have fast food and they tell you what you should choose. I've cut out coffee and soda, just water now. It's called the Food Lovers fat loss program and you could read about it at myfoodlovers.com. It has literally saved my life.
  • KrissyD70
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    I agree, diets don't work. We can't change our eating and lose weight and then expect to be able to go back to eating the old way after. It just won't work. Life style change is what works.It helps us inside and out. I will never DIET again. But I will continue to lose weight (12.5 lbs so far) by watching what I eat.
  • kylielouttit
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    Why not cut out the diet drinks and just enjoy water with some lemon?

    I don't get diet drinks. Instead of the calories you are giving yourself gross chemicals. Hardly seems worth it.