Do you think it's necessary to log vegetable intake?



  • watchhillgirl
    watchhillgirl Posts: 597 Member
    I log everything. If I stop one thing, I might fall into a trap of not logging other things.
  • melindasuefritz
    melindasuefritz Posts: 3,509 Member
    yes its necessary to log everything u eat drink.................... etc.......................
  • melindasuefritz
    melindasuefritz Posts: 3,509 Member
    I log everything. If I stop one thing, I might fall into a trap of not logging other things.
  • melindasuefritz
    melindasuefritz Posts: 3,509 Member
    those caleries that u aarent loggimng could be 200 or more-
  • MorgueBabe
    MorgueBabe Posts: 1,188 Member
    Yes they have calories.
    I can easily make a salad that costs 700 calories.
  • bacitracin
    bacitracin Posts: 921 Member
    Is it food? Log it.
  • rodneyderrick
    rodneyderrick Posts: 483 Member
    I think it's imperative to balance logging and living; therefore, I would say log it all.
  • stunningalmond
    stunningalmond Posts: 275 Member
    I log them. I like to see how close I'm getting to my recommended daily intake of vitamins.
  • bcattoes
    bcattoes Posts: 17,299 Member
    I don't think it's a simple question. Some veggies. such as parsnips and sweet potatoes, have quite a few calories and IMO should always be logged. Others like a couple of pieces of lettuce on a sandwich or 2 jalapeno in a recipe are so low that they make no difference.

    Personally, I log all vegetables eaten as part of the meal, rather than for seasoning or garnish. Veggies used to season dishes I may or may not log, depending on the calorie count and how big of a hurry I'm in.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,838 Member
    I eat anywhere from 200-300 calories per day in veggies...

    When I was trying to lose, it was pretty important that I log those considering that if I hit my calorie goal with logging them I would have cut my weight loss deficit in half just failing to log properly.
  • geekyjock76
    geekyjock76 Posts: 2,720 Member
    I don't log the really low calorie veggies. So baby bok choy, celery, lettuce, asparagus, etc are not logged. The only high calorie veggie I eat is a Japanese sweet potato.
  • AliciaStaton
    AliciaStaton Posts: 328 Member
    Hi along with the rest of the comments on here I log everything even vegetables have calories in
  • kellykw
    kellykw Posts: 184 Member
    It's necessary for me. Whether or not you log vegetables is up to you, but I agree with other who say you should. Why wouldn't you log them? Because it's too much trouble? That seems like a dangerous way of thinking when your goal is (presumably) to track what you are eating.
  • mmddwechanged
    mmddwechanged Posts: 1,688 Member
    Yes I do.
  • 55in13
    55in13 Posts: 1,091 Member
    a little more...
    I think logging should be a means to an end, not an end unto itself. When I get to my goal, I don't want to feel like I can't feed myself in a reasonable manner without constantly checking every detail. That said, there is a question you need to ask yourself - is what I am doing working? If so, sweating extra details probably isn't worth the effort. But if the answer is no, then log everything and look closer.
  • SweetestLibby
    SweetestLibby Posts: 607 Member
    sometimes nearly a quarter of my caloric intaake is from veggies so yes. If I didn't log those I could be off up to 400 calories a day. That being said, if it's a bit of shredded lettuce on a burger or a bit onion in 6 cups of kale then no - I'll log the burger (of course) and the kale but skip the shredded lettuce and the bit of onion.
  • palmerar
    palmerar Posts: 489 Member
    Yes, I find that if I don't log most everything I start cheating a little bit more and more....that cookie is only 40 cals I don't need to log that which spirals into meals/ snacks then entire days. SO I try to log everything.

    That being said, I may not log the lone piece of lettuce on a sandwich or the sprinkling of diced tomatoes on a chicken breast....but if anything comes close to a serving or even a half serving it's logged.
  • Bekahmardis
    Bekahmardis Posts: 602 Member
    Yes! The fiber content helps me figure out what helps keep and make me full. Fiber is also really good for your cholesterol levels. The iron content in a lot of veggies is surprising as well.

    So yeah, it's not just the calories, but the whole picture. Log the veggies.
  • SaveFileCorrupt
    SaveFileCorrupt Posts: 29 Member
    I think it depends on the vegetable, and how consistent you are. I think it's a bit painful to make a huge effort to log reasonable servings of cruciferous, green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage) that have a near null effect on calories due to their fiber content. However, much like anything else, if the servings are overdone, they may begin to have a detriment on your goals.

    Obviously, this is anecdotal, but I've had great success the past 2 years omitting these highly fibrous veggies, but always including the more starchy or sugary varieties.
  • BeachGingerOnTheRocks
    BeachGingerOnTheRocks Posts: 3,927 Member
    There are many days where I eat 300+ calories of vegetables. If I didn't log them, I'd delude myself that I have extra calories for other foods. Same with condiments. It's the small stuff that adds up and keeps people from losing.

    That, and I keep a close eye on my micronutrients. If I didn't log veggies, how would I know if I got enough potassium or Vitamin A?