Jumping Jack Intervals?

piya121 Posts: 11 Member
Is this a good workout - 30 sec Jumping Jacks then 30 sec walking- for 20-30 min (depending on other exercise with it)?

I'm wondering if is an effective cardio workout? If you have any suggestions to make it tougher, please let me know!


  • pmhernandez
    pmhernandez Posts: 3 Member
    Do you have a jump rope? I do 2 min jump rope followed by 45 second mountain climbers (you could replace with jumping jacks) followed by 15 second rest. Do it for 10 intervals and you have a nice 30 min workout!
  • lozadee
    lozadee Posts: 89 Member
    On 30DS they have a bit to use a jump rope but they just say to hold your arms ridgid as if you had a jump rope and move them in circles (as if you had a rope) and jump - no rope needed
  • craigjmorton
    craigjmorton Posts: 24 Member
    have you tried burpees? they are pretty good as well.