Your running shoes



  • MorganLeighRN
    MorganLeighRN Posts: 411 Member
    I love my Mizuno Wave Alchamy! This is my second pair. I have no arches and they really help with pronating.
  • BrawlerBella
    BrawlerBella Posts: 400 Member
    Brooks Adrenaline GTS
    Brooks Ravenna
    Vibram FF
    Saucony Progrid Mirage
  • levicrouch
    levicrouch Posts: 99
    Asics Kayano. Any Asics shoe really, they seem to fit my foot the best.
  • sunshinesonata
    sunshinesonata Posts: 241 Member
    I have a pair of New Balance's that I am really fond of when it comes to weight training, but I have used to run in a few times.

    My Brooks Trainers are my favourite running shoe though.
  • jillybeanruns
    jillybeanruns Posts: 1,420 Member
    Recent past: Brooks Adrenaline 12s and Mizuno Wave Inspires 8s

    Currently: Mizuno Wave Musha 4s (x2), Saucony ProGrid Mirage 2s, Mizuno Wave Elixir 6s, Brooks ST Racer 5s
  • ukgirly01
    ukgirly01 Posts: 523 Member
    Asics go nimbus- I love them
  • coyoteo
    coyoteo Posts: 532 Member
    Vibram fivefinger sprint....but I'm working toward barefoot.
  • quiksylver296
    quiksylver296 Posts: 28,442 Member
    Saucony Cortana - Love them and they LOOK freakin' fast just standing still. :tongue:

  • sullus
    sullus Posts: 2,839 Member
    Anything in a 4E and on sale .. usually New Balance - cross trainers more often than "running" shoes.
  • majope
    majope Posts: 1,325 Member
    Most of the time I wear Saucony Kinvaras (currently the 3, which I don't like nearly as much as I liked the 2--but a Saucony rep who agreed with me on the 3 told me the 4 is better). I like the lightness, plus it has a low drop (4mm) but still a little cushioning.

    My other current pair are Merrell Dash Gloves. Zero drop, and I've only had them a month or so, so only wear them for shorter runs (3-5 miles).
  • RaineMarie
    RaineMarie Posts: 158 Member
    I'm alternating right now between Asics Gel Kayano and Saucony Progrid Guide, but I think I like the Sauconys better because there is a bit more room in them.
  • HardcoreP0rk
    HardcoreP0rk Posts: 936 Member
    Getting the kinvara 4's shortly too
  • wswilliams67
    wswilliams67 Posts: 938 Member
    Running... bwahahahahahahahaha. :yawn:
  • sgmomma
    sgmomma Posts: 299 Member
    I'm on mt second pair of nike free...I think the pair that fit next best last time was. Brooks...we will see. This nikes are only sbout 1/4 used up. I am almost flat footed an my ankles roll out
  • fabformyfam
    fabformyfam Posts: 9 Member
    brooks ghosts 5. Thing is this is my second pair of brooks ghost 5, but i've recently developed knee I might switch, but doesn't really make sense cause my first pair of brooks gave me no knee problems..
  • silroxxx
    silroxxx Posts: 62 Member
    SKECHERS Flex!!!
    there the best so comfy!!!!!!!!!
  • Sox90716
    Sox90716 Posts: 976 Member
    Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7! LOVE THEM!
  • raiderrodney
    raiderrodney Posts: 617 Member
    I've heard a lot of people say they like the Mizuno and Brooks shoes but I just can't get away from Asics. I have the gel kayanos and a much cheaper model (can't remember the name) and I wear them in all my sports now (basketball, volleyball, running, etc.).
  • sportzmom23
    sportzmom23 Posts: 103 Member
    Asics kayano. Just ran my last real road run in my old ones, they are delagted to sloppy trail runs now, as my new 19s just came in. Love love love them, no issues with plantar fascitiis or hip issues I had with other brands...already have my new pair on order for when they are released in July!