Looking for friends

I lost 3 1/2 stone last year and I've come back to finish what I started with a goal of losing another 2.
Looking from some supportive buddies on here!

SW: 260
CW: 213
1st GW : 200
Final GW: 180

:-) xx The more the merrier!


  • teamnevergoingback
    teamnevergoingback Posts: 368 Member
    I love new motivated friends! I have 20 more to go! :)
  • You can add me :) Ive lost close to 20 lbs and 15 more to go
  • JewelSmith
    JewelSmith Posts: 155 Member
    I am always looking to expand my "fan base" LOL ! Anyone can add me! OP, I will send you a request.
  • jeanniemarie73
    jeanniemarie73 Posts: 41 Member
    Looking for motivated friends too. Im 39, live in AZ , enjoy running, power walking, spinning, kettlebell workouts and trying to lose 24 more lbs for a total of 32. Add me :)
  • headkick2
    headkick2 Posts: 2
    I am up for looking for friends for support and will be your friend.
  • crissy_percival
    crissy_percival Posts: 2,447 Member
    add me :)
  • colleenwallander
    colleenwallander Posts: 15 Member
    I would love some new friends started about a week ago and honestly don't have many friends