Anyone have 100+ pounds to lose?

I am interested in finding more friends on MFP who have 100+ pounds to lose. I have 166 more to go.. I've Lost 57 pds all together and 14 pds of it since joining MFP.


  • quiltlovinlisa
    quiltlovinlisa Posts: 1,710 Member
    I started off at exactly 101 and still have 92 to go. Would love to be your friend.
  • Iceman420
    Iceman420 Posts: 195
    I have 245 lbs to drop. Add me if you want.
  • colleenwallander
    colleenwallander Posts: 15 Member
    honestly I have over 100lb to lose but I'm trying for 80 right now but would love to lose even more. You can add me I would love to have more people around my weight.
  • Dewdropps
    Dewdropps Posts: 111
    95 lbs left to go, add me if you'd like <3
  • shadowkitty22
    shadowkitty22 Posts: 495 Member
    Started out with 160 to lose and I'm 90 down so far. WOO!
  • pookahbot
    pookahbot Posts: 17 Member
    My initial goal is 50, but that's mostly because I didn't want to get too frustrated. I want to lose at least a hundred, probably somewhere between 120-150 (I started closer to 290 than I wanted to admit--I totally fudged my weight when I started here, and I've lost about 30.) I don't know where I want to end up exactly, but I'd like to get to at least 170, 180-ish, then re-evaluate. I'm on every day, I log, and I do my best to support. Anyone can feel free to add me, but please send a message with your FR.
  • SheilaG1963
    SheilaG1963 Posts: 298 Member
    Anyone can add me. I've lost the first 100 and have about 75 more to go!
  • kazzsjourney
    kazzsjourney Posts: 674 Member
    I have lost 188 pounds with about another 35 pounds to go...feel free to add me :)
  • spike90
    spike90 Posts: 702 Member
    I started off with 165 pounds to lose and am almost half way there. Feel free to add me for support :)
  • JDBLY11
    JDBLY11 Posts: 577 Member
    I have a little over 150 lbs left to lose to get to a healthy weight range. I have lost like 17 so far. I would love to be your friend. It looks like there are some shining examples of weight loss here, some who have lost what I want to lose. It is very motivating. I know I need to change before I get older and get diabetes or have a heart attack. That is not what I want for my life. I really like life but I have always had issues with overeating.
  • mandi272
    mandi272 Posts: 32 Member
    I have around 142 to lose, anybody can add me :)
  • lfergurson1
    lfergurson1 Posts: 137 Member
    I need to lose like 140 and have lost about 30 please add me I love motivated people.
  • JenniTheVeggie
    JenniTheVeggie Posts: 2,474 Member
    I've lost 129 but still have some more to go.....
  • nolongerXXL
    nolongerXXL Posts: 222 Member
    ME! I have 150 to lose, but my main goal right now is to get under 200.
  • ekahnicole
    ekahnicole Posts: 216 Member
    I have 132lbs left to lose, feel free to add me :)
  • bella90422
    bella90422 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm up for some friends, I've lost 46 and have around 100 to go.
  • JaceyMarieS
    JaceyMarieS Posts: 692 Member
    I started with 177 pounds to lose. Feel free to add me
  • stephanielynne824
    stephanielynne824 Posts: 11 Member
    Just started today! I have been doing Weight Watchers but after coming to terms with some financial issues, I had to quit that for money reasons. My sister is doing MFP for about 4 weeks now and it's working for her so I think this will be great for me. I've been playing around on the site all night and its very similar to WW and DotFit, which I've used both. Excited to get started!

    Anyone can add me as a friend also!
  • LovelyDayDay
    LovelyDayDay Posts: 17 Member
    hello. i have lost 13lbs in 31 days. i workout doing zumba and walking everyday. i also have a heart rate monitor to count how many calories i burn. feel free to add me i dont bite=)
  • I have 100+ pounds to lose! You can add me. I have 166 pounds actually~