what are you "power songs?"



  • WanderingLass
    WanderingLass Posts: 86 Member
    Kelly Clarkson: Stonger
    Christina Aguilera: Fighter
    Zac Brown Band: Devil Went Down to Georgia
    P!nk: You and Your Hand; I'm Still a Rock Star (not sure on exact title); quite a few that I bought right about the time I was getting a divorce...ha!
    Bon Jovi: It's My Life (live version)
    Hmm. A lot of Bon Jovi, actually.
    I'd have to pop my Shuffle on the computer to see what's on there -- it shuffles while I'm doing my circuit.
  • capnrus789
    capnrus789 Posts: 2,731 Member
    F***ing Hostile - Pantera
  • k8wizzo
    k8wizzo Posts: 33
    Some Nights -- fun.
  • Ali_TSO
    Ali_TSO Posts: 1,174 Member
    No Judging lol

    Time to Switch To Whiskey - Corb Lund Band

    Corb Lund Band <3

    You win the internets!

    Haha, he opened for Great Big Sea when we saw them last. DEFINITELY a win. :)
  • The_Outlaw_Torn
    The_Outlaw_Torn Posts: 67 Member
    Obituary -Redneck Stomp
    Opeth -Masters Apprentice
    Dream Theater -The Mirror
    Metallica -Seek and Destroy
    Slayer -Reign in Blood
  • Forest777
    Forest777 Posts: 30 Member
    Live Like a Warrior by Matisyahu!!
  • TomTomato
    TomTomato Posts: 223
    Mostly classic rock/80s:

    Boston - Foreplay/Longtime
    Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
    Electric Light Orchestra
    Cheap Trick
    Def Leppard
    J. Geils Band
    Led Zepp
    Van Halen
  • codapea
    codapea Posts: 182 Member
    Favorite running jams this month:

    Can't Hold Us- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

    Helter Skelter- U2

    Bleed It Out -Linkin Park (not a song I would normally like, but awesome for that sprint interval)

    Fearless- The Bravery

    Kelis- Scream

    Rock That Body- Black Eyed Peas
  • dbmata
    dbmata Posts: 12,952 Member
    F%^k Frankie - Marilyn Manson.
  • jentarver
    jentarver Posts: 192
    "Adrenalize Me"---In This Moment
    "No one gets left behind"---Five Finger Death Punch
    "Radioactive" ---Imagine Dragon
    "White Rabbit" ---Egypt Central
    "Hungry" --Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    "The mirror and the Ripper"-- Volbeat
    "The Phoenix" --Fall Out Boy

    I could go on for hours!
  • codapea
    codapea Posts: 182 Member
    Right now:

    Get Lucky: Daft Punk
    I Love It: Icona Pop
    Don't You Worry Child: Swedish House Mafia
    Radioactive: Imagine Dragons
    Change: Hey Ocean!
    Feel So Close: Calvin Harris

    This morning on my run I literally just cycled between Don't You Worry Child and Get Lucky the whole time, haha. I was in a groove or something.

    Get Lucky!!! Obsessed with that song right now, I can't believe I forgot it!
  • mcginger1
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  • AmayaJo1
    AmayaJo1 Posts: 34
    My chick bad-Ludacris
  • siany01
    siany01 Posts: 319 Member
    So what by Pink, actually pretty much anything from her!

    ^^ this
  • michelegreen99
    michelegreen99 Posts: 28 Member
    Mine are a mix of old school and current stuff:

    Dirty Bit - Black Eyed Peas
    I Gotta Feeling - BEP
    Rumour has it - Adele
    Pink Cadillac - Springstein
    Pepper - Buthole Surfers (rude name, good song)
    Yellow - Coldplay
    Mony Mony - Idol
    Rockerfeller Skank - Fatboy Slim
    Low - Flo Rida
    Wild One - " "
    Dog Days Are over - Flo and the Machine
    Filthy Gorgeous - Scissor Sisters
    Good times Roll - Cars
    Old Tme R&R - Seger
  • skeo
    skeo Posts: 471 Member
    My get crunk song before I do a heavy lift is ...

    Bangarang - Skrillex
    Til I Collapse - Eminem
    Remember The Name - Fort Minor

    Then I change it to other stuff when I'm not lifting so heavy, when I just want to zone out trance music usually suffices. lol
  • Superstar_81
    Superstar_81 Posts: 88 Member
    Fatboy Slim - Push the Tempo
    Eminem - Till I Collapse
    Bingo Players - Get Up (Rattle)
    Pendulum - Showdown and The Island Part 1 and 2 (especially 2)
    Storm - Time to Burn
  • lilRicki
    lilRicki Posts: 4,555 Member
    oooo good one guys

    I have wait and bleed by slip knot

    and just downloaded dirty bit by BEP
  • astorek
    astorek Posts: 6
    Wow, I have to check the Apple store :)
  • FITmrsroe
    FITmrsroe Posts: 28 Member
    The entire Black Eyed Peas album, The End....best workout eva!