Called out by an MFP friend - I'm glad, not mad

Had a MFP friend call me out today... Told me something that I already knew, but had not faced it... Basically, about maintaining my weight loss... Yes, I am very motivated to workout, usually burn from 1,200 to 2,000 calories per day. But I have to be just as intense in controlling my eating... I'm not there yet, but I have a new awareness of my addiction, yep... addiction to sweets and meats!
Hard to change habits that we have had all our lives, but thats why this site is so good, we support each other in the struggle for fitness for life.
I just returned from Wal-mart with my wife and I looked around at all of the people there who are over-weight... I don't want to go there again... I am determined to maintain what a lot of hard work and discipline has helped me to accomplish. (57 lbs down)

Friends, this is a battle that we never can say that we have won, we have to keep fighting it... Fitness is not always about what we can take off, it is more about what we take in... If we don't take in too much, we won't have to take off so much.

Stay strong - Live long...

Just rambling and saying ... Thanks CP.



  • Amber030583
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    One of the many reasons to love this site!!!!! Just proves that it is a great tool! Keep it up!
  • ChellieIrish
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    :drinker: :heart: :drinker: :heart: Nice and well done on your success :drinker: :heart: :drinker: :heart:

    It may be hard to hear suggestions from others sometimes but shows just how much this community really cares about each other :heart:
  • KrissyD70
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    I agree. I hope if I need it then a MFP friend would call me out. If I ate a brownie, my husband would say "it's ok". I don't want that!!!!
    I want "why did you eat that?" or "is it really worth it?"
  • cdavis1126
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    It's gotta be a lifestyle change and I'm in it for the long haul!!
  • cparter
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    My friend, we are in this to win it. No battle is worth fighting if you have to go at it alone. I will lean on you and I am here for you to lean on. Live long - Stay Strong...
  • SuzanneRogers
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    I agree. I hope if I need it then a MFP friend would call me out. If I ate a brownie, my husband would say "it's ok". I don't want that!!!!
    I want "why did you eat that?" or "is it really worth it?"

    That is so my husband. Everyone here is great about encouraging each other to say on track.
  • aujourdhui
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    Hey there. So glad you wrote. I was thinking about that today, as I walked through the mall and past the food court. I wanted to stop so bad for some lunch, for a coke, for something. It made me realize that every choice I make is an important one that contributes to my success at what I am doing. And it made me realize that food IS an issue for me and not something I can let my guard down around. You're married, maybe you have some advice? My wife has a habit of eating what I've left behind on my plate, balks at taking a walk after supper and is constantly saying how sick she is. It's so hard for me because I know her health isn't good, I know she is in pain often, but I've realized that I contributed to that by eating alongside her, as well as she is contributing to it now by not recognizing what is the cause for her sore legs, and poor health. I can't call her out on it because I love my wife whatever size she is, but at the same time, now that I've made this realization and am seeing how much better I feel, I want her to do things that will make her feel better too. I don't want to be like the rest of her family who comes down on her, I don't want to give her a bigger complex than she already has... I just want to live a healthy life with her. What has been your experience with your wife and your fitness/health goals? Thanks..
  • Tashia_HH
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    Thanks for posting this. Sometimes words can push us on to do better and try harder.
  • flwyland
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    I just want to live a healthy life with her. .

    TELL HER! That may be all that she needs to hear. It's what my husband told me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It's what he tells me all the time on this fitness journey. TELL HER!
  • realm69
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    I agree with what everyone else has said, my boyfriend is the same way. He doesn't want to diet, he doesn't want to exercise and trust me he could use it just as much as I could. But to make matters worse he doesn't try to support my good habits either. I would love for someone to tell me "Do you really want to eat that?" For example we went to Ruby Tuesday's for our Anniversary Thursday, I got the salad bar with the Ruby Minis thinking that wouldn't be too bad (wrong!!), but not only that we went to a movie afterwords and of course I got candy and junk food for the movie. He didn't even question me, I know I am an adult, but it would be great to get some backup sometimes.
  • cakesmooth
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    Kudos to you and your mfp friend! I noticed that with each mfp friend I make I am more motivated! Keep up the great work and great observations!
  • Rachael
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    Awesome post. Thanks for sharing. A push from a supportive friend is always welcome!

    Congratulations on your weight loss and here's to your continued success and motivation!