Insanity month 2... I think I'm going to puke!

I just started my Month 2 of insanity and its crazy! Its kinda discouraging. I knew it wouldn't be easy. But I can barley get through 5 mins without having a breathing break. And the moves are super hard.... Anyone else have this happen? I was so excited to start month 2 but some things I cant even do like the side pushups gah. Any advice or encouragement or your story of month 2 would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone, Dig Deeper :D


  • deeds2785
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    It gets easier im just starting week 3 in Month 2 :), I cant do side push ups either, or if I do I can get 2 in haha. Stick with it and youll get stronger.
  • JenGranzow
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    Stick with it, you will get stronger and be better able to do everything. You get lulled into a false sense of security because you finish month one and feel all proud that you did it, then you have an easy transition week, and then BAM. But, you can do it, you will do it, and then you will really feel proud!
  • micheleb15
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    No advice, just encouragement. Even the professional athletes on the dvd are taking breaks. Keep at it. You're doing great. Wish I could tell you it gets a lot easier, but it's still a challenge.
  • cedes100
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    Thanks everyone, thats just what I needed! I try my hardest and I guess thats all I can do. I'm sure ill get better as time goes on. :)
  • Achrya
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    My husband does insanity to get in shape for his PTR's (Starts 2 months before then stops until the next one gets close.) and I usually wake up to about a dozen text messages about how awful it is and how much he wants to die, even though he's done it two times before now. So I presume feeling like you're going to puke means you're doing it right!

    Great job on getting this far, I've never done more than a week.
  • Ails11
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    Hi , I'm just finishing up my recovery week. I do love the program,HOWEVER I put on weight. (3/4lbs)I'm really stressed with it. No difference in measurements either. I'm only looking to lose 7-10lbs. I never missed a day of INsanity. Wondering if I should continue into second month but not a person who quits so I will try my best. My diet in the last 5 weeks has been ok . Food day would be 2 poached eggs, wrap, fish and veg. Obviously have been bold few times but nothing major. Any ideas in regard to kicking start weight loss ,was sure INsanity would have done it. Also what do people think of SHakologhy ?? As meal replacement!!
  • cedes100
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    Definitely keep going. I didnt notice much weightloss either in my first month. I had to take 2 weeks off from a cold, but in those 2 week even though I wasnt working out I lost 5 pounds I think. Ive read alot that people dont notice much until month 2 starts. Keep with it :)

    Thanks everyone :)
  • selmafeki
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    Hi , I'm just finishing up my recovery week. I do love the program,HOWEVER I put on weight. (3/4lbs)I'm really stressed with it. No difference in measurements either

    ^^^This is because you're getting stronger and ya'll know that muscles weigh more than fat. You're toning up.