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  • yaseyuku
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    Anyone can feel free to request me, especially if you think we have something in common.
  • SandiW02
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    I have about 95lbs to reach my goal and I am need of a lot of motivation - I am on daily logging my food journal and try to respond and motivate daily. I don't just want a ton of friends like FB - but serious motivators who will tell me where they think I did something wrong/offer advise and motivate me (with respect).

    I exercise once on Mondays and twice Tues - Friday (however this will change come June when it will be twice M - Th and once on Friday). I also started a 100lb + club (has a cupcake icon) for people who need that extra motivation and want to participate in some fun challenges. Anyone is welcome to join and chime in to get or offer advise.

    Anyone is free to add me.
  • I'll accept any friend. We're all in this together!
  • fietsvrouw
    fietsvrouw Posts: 50 Member
    Please feel free to add me. I am finishing week one on MFP, have had a great experience so far, and I log in every day.
  • Jacqueline86Chavez
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  • Please add me I'm new! :)
    FTSTL Posts: 260 Member
    Adding funny hot girls is my MFP modus operandi.. And I won't deny it!
  • destini7
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    add me looking for friends from different parts of the world.
  • 8dozendiets
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    Hello everyone! I'm looking for someone with whom to actively communicate, possibly via email rather than just here. I would love to pal up on a more active level than just commenting on your achievements.

    If you need more than just the occasional "well done", I'm here. I will be very supportive.
  • need a workout partner for dalton ga boy/girl w.e long as your motivated and enjoy working out
  • _CrepeSuzette_
    _CrepeSuzette_ Posts: 53 Member
    I'd like to have new friends to support each other, add me please! ;)
  • jadb22
    jadb22 Posts: 5 Member
    I need all the motivation I can get! Please add me :)
  • oudixon
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    I always love friends, both for motivation but also to chat with and pass the time with.
  • I need a LOT of help so would be happy to be added, as well. I've got to get off the couch, as well, and start eating like a normal person. Was recently diagnosed with diabetes so need to lose weight, start getting some activity, and getting healthy. I can't seem to do it on my own.
  • lizlashley2009
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    Always looking for new friends I need to get back on track after next weekend this coming week is very busy and stressful! Anyone can add me! Also can add me on fitbit which is
  • Amym26
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    I am looking for more friends. I find it inspiring to read what other's have accomplished!
  • S1_1DJ
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    <stands up and shouts> ADD ME! Especially you runner type people :)
  • sophie4337
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    hello everyone!!! I'm Sophie and pretty much looking for new friends to accompany me along this life changing journey. Its nice to have a place where you can meet new and exciting people that share your common goals and knows what your feeling while trying to loose weight! Add me!!!! lets do this together...
    FFXXIV Posts: 38 Member
    Hi! I'm fairly new to MFP, but I have fallen in lve with it so fast. I'd love for more cheerleaders on this journey of mine! And I'll be your cheerleader too!
  • add me im new! :)