Are you taking progress pictures?

wizbeth1218 Posts: 358 Member
If you aren't, you should be.

Seriously. Start today.

You'll be glad you did.

For my "official" progress pics, check out this post:

A year ago, I hated the camera. Hated it. When I decided today that I would make a couple of quick collages of before and after photos for a comparison, it was really difficult to find several before pictures. I avoided the camera like the plague.

The downside there is that not only did I have to scrounge Facebook to find pictures of myself, but now my kids have woefully few pictures of their mom. I may cringe at seeing pictures of me at my heaviest, but it's not like my kids look at those photos and see Fat Mom. They just see Mom. Only... they don't see all that much of Mom, because Mom was fanatically anti-camera.


But now I love being in front of the camera. Wow... that sounds really vain. What I mean is that I love being documented as having been an active participant in my kids' lives. Yes, I was at your high school graduation! Yes, I was at your circus program at school! Yes, I cheered you on! Yes, I sat on uncomfortable chairs and tolerated horrible banquet rubber chicken and nodded and smiled through mind-numbing speeches! Yes, I was there! Yes, I am your mom!


So take progress pictures. And take a lot of them. Take official pictures at routine intervals and wearing similar clothing because you will see progress in those pictures even when you don't see it on the scale. But more importantly, take those boring pictures because it will give you the confidence to be in the pictures that really matter.


  • llpaq
    llpaq Posts: 263 Member
    This has to be one of my favorite posts ever!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I agree and I think I will start to take more pictures :flowerforyou:
    Thank you and Congrats on your successes!!! :drinker:
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,879 Member
    I think progress pics are pretty important...they're even more so for individuals who can't properly process their reflection in the mirror (like me). Progress pics are awesome.

    Great job on your weight loss.
  • ftballmom9296
    ftballmom9296 Posts: 70 Member
    You have done an amazing job and you have inspired me to take more pictures. I also hate the camera although I know I am going miss progess pictures. So today I will start taking more photos so that I have things to look back on as a reminder that I love myself but as the healthy self not the unhealthy unhappy self. Congratulations and thanks for the great advise.
  • MaydayParadeGirl
    MaydayParadeGirl Posts: 190 Member
    You know it's funny because today looking for my ankle brace I pulled my camera out from under my bed, took one look at it and shoved it back under there...I'm going to pull it back out tonight and take the first of may progress pictures. Thank you :)
  • Ivey05131980
    Ivey05131980 Posts: 1,118 Member
    :heart: :heart: Love it!! So glad we are franssss!! XOXO YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!:drinker: :heart: :heart:
  • ShannonMpls
    ShannonMpls Posts: 1,936 Member
    You look awesome and I echo the sentiment. I didn't take my initial pics until twenty pounds in and i REALLY wish I'd started day 1. I also took them in bra/panties, and now I wish I had taken them in a sports bra/spandex shorts so I could share them more widely. I guess I wasn't expecting to actually SUCCEED ;)
  • mikkijane1
    mikkijane1 Posts: 50 Member
    I need to start doing this!!
  • quellybelly
    quellybelly Posts: 827 Member
    lovelovelove this! You look amazing and you're right, seeing progress in pictures is so motivating, especially when you feel like the scale isn't moving or those inches just aren't coming off. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the inspiring work :)
  • mizpoke
    mizpoke Posts: 171 Member
    you look marvellous and your pics are so inspiring. I totally agree about seeing progress photos, they make such a difference, especially when the road seems long and dark and difficult.

    I loathe having my photo taken - would much rather BE the photographer, but yes, even I asked my sister to take some photos recenly so I can document my future progress. Right now though its kind of like 'move along quickly, nothing interesting to see here...:grumble:
  • travlinjess
    travlinjess Posts: 243 Member
    Awesome uplifting post…and great advice!!

    I take progress pics every month on the same day…definitely helps document my progress and keeps me motivated to keep it going.

    WTG on your success and keep strutting your stuff for that camera!!! :)
  • StaceyMarie86
    StaceyMarie86 Posts: 10 Member
    I haven't been taking progress pictures, but I'm going to start, even though I'm almost halfway to my goal! It's pretty crazy to see the difference in pictures ;-) You look fantastic!
  • tooliebell
    tooliebell Posts: 177 Member
    Your hair is so STINKIN CUTE!!

    I agree. I have not taken progress pics. In fact, I thought I was getting myself more in front of the camera but I'm really not. I took a picture this weekend of me and the hubs and I almost couldn't look at the picture. Not because it was fat, but because I don't identify with that girl yet! Isn't that weird??? It really almost makes me cringe to see it, I look at my legs, and then my neck, and then my tummy and I think WHO THE HECK IS THAT GIRL????

    So for me it has really been much more odd to see my new self in pictures rather than the joy I thought it would be.

    You look absolutely beautiful! And your posts always make me smile! Great job on all that you have done! Keep it up!
  • DragonflyF15
    DragonflyF15 Posts: 437 Member
    I wish I had started to take pics at the beginning of NROLFW cause just this weekend I noticed after 3 weeks in the mirror that things were changing even if the scale wasn't. So I took photos this weekend at the half way point of Stage 1. Plan to keep taking pics.

    You look frickin' amazing btw :)
  • SarahBeth0625
    SarahBeth0625 Posts: 685 Member
    Awesome job!

    Yes, I am, because I knew my goal was small (5 lbs total, plus toning) but boy, could I see the results when I looked back. I don't think I otherwise would have noticed. It's great to see the progress and incredibly motivating to continue. :smile:
  • Iron_Lotus
    Iron_Lotus Posts: 2,295 Member
    Amazing progress! I do or I don't really see the progress otherwise.
  • craziecritter
    craziecritter Posts: 202 Member
    Had my daughter take them of me today. Sickening to say the least. But it's only been a week!
  • venturaroo
    venturaroo Posts: 84 Member
    Great post!! And so true about our family not being as judgemental about pics of ourselves as we are. You are awesome and love watching your progress!!!
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