I'm a brand newbie...yay for myfitnesspal!

Hello everyone! I'm really excited to start using myfitnesspal. I have 50-60 pounds to lose which is a bit daunting but already I'm impressed with what seems to be a great support system this site has in place. I'd love to meet other people on their journey and hopefully we can encourage and support each other.

I had never heard of this site but just started googling "food diaries" yesterday and this popped up. It seems like the perfect tool to help lose weight and get in shape. Good luck to everyone!

~ Daisyfriends :)


  • Welcome to myfitnesspal! You've joined a supportive group that is working hard just like you to maintain a healthy lifestyle! There is so much great information on the site and many people to help encourage you along the way!
  • daisyfriends
    daisyfriends Posts: 16 Member
    Thanks so much! :-)
  • Welcome to MFP! I also have about 50 lbs. to lose. If you make small weekly goals it seems easier and less daunting. I have been told that a pound a week is the best way to lose weight. It will be easier to keep off and maintain when you reach your final goal. If you need a support person send me a request. I would love to help you out on your journey.

  • Unicornlover
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    Hi & Welcome to mfp:flowerforyou: You will love it here! I have found so many encouraging and helpful friends. This site is also addicting...so many posts to read...so much helpful information!!! Good luck on your weight loss journey...YOU CAN DO IT!
  • Welcome!