Healthy Snacks Under 75 Calories?

I usually don't exercise, but I have this problem. I'm on a 1,000 calorie plan. I usually have 200-400 calories left over, but sometimes I just try eating more to get closer to 1,000 calories. Are there any snacks under 75 calories? I don't really like anything sweet, so don't suggest those, please.


  • shortie_sarah
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    pickles, popcorn, cucumbers and tomatoes with light italian dressing, some fruits,
  • aepdx
    aepdx Posts: 218 Member
    air-popped popcorn!

    snack on some raw veggies.

    celery has barely any calories.
  • Sparlingo
    Sparlingo Posts: 938 Member
    Why are you eating so little? I'm 5'0" and losing weight eating no less than 1300 calories every day (usually closer to 1500).

    You are going to harm your body with this plan.

    As far as snacks go, for not many calories (though more than 75) you can eat a rice cake with a bit of melted cheese and pepper (hits the spot for me for a savoury snack) or with peanut butter. I find that sometimes when I just need to crunch on something, there's enough volume there to fill me but not enough substance to really throw me off for the day. But don't be afraid of real food - some things are awesome for your body but have more calories (like hummus or avocado, for example).
  • BrittanyMegan88
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    You should definitely eat more than that. I used to eat less than 1000 calories and I ended up getting obese from doing that. When I went back to eating normally I got wayy bigger than I've ever been & that's why I had to work at losing a second time now. Now I eat around 1200 - 1500 and have been losing very conisistantly & I feel better this time around too. ^.^

    My favorite low cal snack right now is watermelon, you can eat a pretty big piece and it's only 60 calories. :bigsmile:
  • DawnEH612
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    I agree with the above post, too few calories... Bump it up to at least 1200 but you really should never go below your BMR calculated rate. With that said, low fat string cheese, most veggies(between 1/2-1 cup) and small fruits, a hard boiled egg, a slice of bread, 1/8 cup (15 grams=1/2 oz) of nuts, a cup of milk, certain cereals if you eat them dry,like cheerios or Kashi original go lean, 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese, 1/2 cup of greek yogurt... But eat more, otherwise you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of failure... I eat close to 2000 calories a day and have lost over 70 pounds.. There is absolutely no reason to starve and malnourish yourself.
  • TheNewDodge
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    Water flavored ice cubes
  • aepdx
    aepdx Posts: 218 Member
    Water flavored ice cubes

  • aquinoz
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    -shaved ice with mio
    -beef jerky
    -Shirataki noodles?
  • Tctr
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    PC Blue Menu Smoothie Fudge Dessert Bars - more or less a fudgsicle. 80cal.


    sigh, just noticed the 'don't suggest anything sweet' part.