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I am learning there are some 'bad' foods I can eat in moderation and some foods I absolutely have no stopping power once I get going.

Good News:
I can limit myself to one mt dew a day, I can have two slices of pizza instead of four

Bad News:
I currently can NOT eat just one strawberry shortcake ice cream, I had 3, yes 3 in one sitting today. :(

I burned 270 calories excersising today and then for lunch had 510 calories worth of ice cream ...

*kitten*, f*uck, *kitten*

It's a process and I learn as I go.


  • jlizgar
    jlizgar Posts: 104
    The best way to keep yourself from indulging on such foods is to simply not buy them! You can choose a healthier ice cream option that still taste super yummy, OR, you can make your own ice cream...its fun, tastes good and you can control the ingrediants and know exactly whats in it!
    I still eat pizza but I make my own with healthy ingrediants or limit myself to just 1 piece of the papa Johns and have a large salad to fill me up the rest of the way. I also still eat ice cream but I make my own, hubby got me the ice cream maker attatchment for my kitchen aid mixer and I love love LOVE it!
  • jinxdflame
    I wish I could keep my cupboards empty of bad for me stuff - recent shopping trip to IKEA and what my other half came back with:
    Me - suit bags
    him - 2 x hazelnut choc bars, 2 x milk choc bars

    I cannot just eat one piece of choc, I have tried, all her ever says when I ask that we dont buy it - 'have more self control' - helpful!!!
  • Vanessa1977
    The defiant side of my personality doesn't like the idea of elimination altogether but the realistic side of me knows that having a box of ice creams in the house, I will only over do it.

    For some items not having it in the house is the only way, not to say when out and about or visiting at a friends I won't have said items but at least in front of others my shame/embarrassment would prevent me from over indulging.
  • Evasher
    Evasher Posts: 20
    What I found works for me is not to keep trigger food in the house. Someone once told me when she says "No, thank you" to food she is really saying, "No, thank you, God, for helping me become the healthy me I want to be. You can access Overeaters Anonymous online and have a conversation rather than a binge. Journaling has helped me in the past few months become more aware. Yes, I knew journaling was a good tool to help me see choices and moods but it took me a very long time to put the tool into use. We are all here with you. Don't be hard on yourself. Reach out. Read labels. I had so much fun in my kitchen making a fresh salad with everything in the refrigerator and Edamame beans that I had for the first time. Forgive yourself. Try to read something spiritual every will become a habit, provide serenity, and make you reach less. I also forced myself to walk on the Greenway today when the humidity was a challenge. However, making that commitment wearing walking shoes to the meeting on literacy before my walk helped me stick to it. GOOD LUCK!
  • Dreaj79
    Dreaj79 Posts: 212
    Have you tried the Skinny Cow ice cream? They make a Strawberry Cheesecake that's really good. I was skeptical at first because it's small, but I eat it slowly and savor every bite. Do you have a problem with portion control or just knowing it's in the house? I know what you mean about total elimination. If I do an all or nothing plan, it freaks me out. I have to have something like french fries or ice cream or a cheeseburger at least once a week.
  • Aeriel
    Aeriel Posts: 864 Member
    One thing I can't give up is my cheeseburgers. However, I now make them at home, have WW thin buns, portion wise extra lean burger patty and low fat cheese slice. I still get to deal with the craving but keep it at about 350 calories of healthy option instead of 500-800 of unhealthy fast food. I am thinking of trying those Skinny Cow ice creams if I can find them here in Alberta. We all have our triggers, and each day you will have temptation, but for each day you succeed, you are closer to your ultimate goal! Good luck!
  • schnarfo
    schnarfo Posts: 764 Member
    i love skinny cow - triple chocolate ice cream lollies at only 82 calories.... soo soo soo good!