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New.... and NO-one to talk to!

Brat1217Brat1217 Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member
Hello there....

I am new to MY FItness Pal.

I don't know anyone on here.

I am hoping to make some NEW friends.




  • Brat1217Brat1217 Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member
    Hello there....

    I am new to MY FItness Pal.

    I don't know anyone on here.

    I am hoping to make some NEW friends.

    XO XO XO

  • natalie424natalie424 Posts: 320Member Posts: 320Member
    Welcome! You will love it here. The support is amazing!
  • AJCMAJCM Posts: 2,169Member Member Posts: 2,169Member Member
    Welcome! Just post or mail, and we will support you!!!
  • eHarriseHarris Posts: 160Member Posts: 160Member
    aww, welcome and hugs to you!!! :flowerforyou:

    Don't worry you'll make tons of friends here. The people on this site are amazing and truly supportive! Anytime you feel down they will be the first to send you a few words of encouragement!

  • angievan26angievan26 Posts: 212Member Posts: 212Member
    it's nice to meet you and welcome. if you ever want to talk just message me.
  • LML79LML79 Posts: 697Member Posts: 697Member
    Welcome! :flowerforyou:
  • jilldan55jilldan55 Posts: 61Member Member Posts: 61Member Member

    I have only been here 3 weeks myself and I am amazed at how well this program works and how much support everyone here can give, when you need it.

    Good luck!
  • Rachael2179Rachael2179 Posts: 148Member Member Posts: 148Member Member
    Hi and Welcome to MFP :flowerforyou:
  • cediyamcediyam Posts: 183Member Member Posts: 183Member Member
  • PrincessLaundryPrincessLaundry Posts: 2,758Member Member Posts: 2,758Member Member
    Welcome girlie!!! We're here!!! I'm doing it! I'm doing it! And so can you!!! WELCOME!
  • sydenham24sydenham24 Posts: 33Member Posts: 33Member
    Ya - this is a really nice site. Frankly, it' s the only site I have ever enjoyed.
    People give you support, but they also, very gently, push you on to your goals,
    without making you feel bad.

    I think part of it is the site itself - it's obviously designed by someone who
    cares about people and tries to make the world a better place.
    It shows what "can" happen on the internet.

    I am proud to be a part of it. Also, your picture is pretty funny. More of that is
    ALWAYS good!
  • tparkintparkin Posts: 126Member Member Posts: 126Member Member
    Welcome to the site!!! You'll love it:heart:
  • michlinglemichlingle Posts: 797Member Member Posts: 797Member Member
    Welcome! I am new..about 1 week now and haven't weighed myself...but I feel absolutely fantastic. Healthier than ever. I believe it is working..just a bad time of the month to weigh myself if you know what I mean..:smooched:
  • pmkelly409pmkelly409 Posts: 1,653Member Posts: 1,653Member
    Welcome! We will definitely talk to you - there are lots of friends here who have lots to say!! :laugh:

    From my experience since I have been a member is to read, read, read....if you have questions about how to make this weight lose thing a success, guaranteed 100 members before you have had the same questions. Just do a search on a particular subject and start reading!

    Good Luck!!
  • QuenofcrazzyQuenofcrazzy Posts: 358Member Posts: 358Member
    Hello Brat!
    Just post a message and you will have a lot of people supporting you. This site is awesome!!
  • lschmitz0227lschmitz0227 Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    I am not new, but am not getting serious about losing weight/getting healthy. I've had a number of health issues since I turned 40, and I'm tired of being sick and tired. So, I'm looking for lots of support. One thing I need is where to go for tips on how to start running. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  • SheronaSherona Posts: 55Member Member Posts: 55Member Member
    Welcome - I will be your friend. lol
  • LavendersundayLavendersunday Posts: 458Member Member Posts: 458Member Member
    Hello from the other side of the state :flowerforyou:

    You are going to look and feel AMAZING when you put your :heart: into this.

    Welcome to the MFP fam!

    ~Namaste :flowerforyou:
  • meme2018meme2018 Posts: 241Member Member Posts: 241Member Member
    Welcome !!!!!! this a a great site and a Bunch of Friends :drinker: :drinker:
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