what weight and size do i look, 6 weeks post-partum



  • DawnieB1977
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    You look amazing! I looked like a beached whale after my 2nd, for several months, despite exercise!

    I'm rubbish at guessing weight, but you look about a US size 6-8
  • MB_Positif
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    Seriously! You look fantastic for just having a baby!
  • Beckyloo80
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    6 weeks postpartum? seriously? you look fantastic chick! I took me 5 months after my second to look like I didn't have a baby! Don't be hard on yourself, your body changes SO much when you have kids, and you look great! can't even tell you had a wee one.
  • DragonSquatter
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    It took me a solid 3 months after having my baby to look like "me" again, even though I still (at 4 months PP) don't really look like I did before.

  • Ultragirl2374
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    You look great!! I'd be happy to look like that. You will feel like old self in no time!
  • louisemallas
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    lol - I'm 32 years down the line and still trying to lose that baby fat from my one and only....... You look great!
  • MrsK20141004
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    I would be pretty happy to have a body like yours!! :)

    Exactly. I've had 0 babies and don't look as good as you do.
  • laurapgmartinez
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    this was my 4th in 5years so it seems to be taking me longer to feel normal again this time. and lately i just cant stand to look in the mirror after getting to my perfect weight just before i fell pregnant so im just struggling to see a bigger me daily atm

    you sound like me, I just had my 4th in 5 years 8 weeks ago! I also had just lost weight before I got pregnant, so it's been really frustrating to be bigger again. Sadly I gained 50lbs with my pregnancy and only lost 12 after having the baby, so I am now starting over at an even heavier weight than before =( You really look great though, so try not to be so hard on yourself! Having a baby is really can do a number on your body! I bet you'll be back to your old self in no time!!
  • sim247
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    Wow, I think you look fantastic! Crikey, I had my daughter almost 20 years ago but I would kill to have a stomach like yours. And hips, and thighs.....
  • LauriesTrying2BeFit
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    Thanks everyone I'm around a UK size 10 but for in all my old size 8 atm hoping to be more comfortable in a size 8 by end of summer
  • jakidb
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    In my opinion you look GR8T to have just had a baby. You actually look gr8t period--if you wouldn't have said you had just had a baby, I would never have thought it. I think you're probably just not "comfortable" with your weight because you know what you "were" or would like to be (in weight).

    Looking at your photo you look to be about a 10 (US)--you could possibly be smaller idk. My honest opinion? If anything just "tone"--you look fine to me. If it's your desire to be "smaller", go for it :)

    Congratulations on your "lil one" :):):)
  • You look amazing!!!! Its incredible you look this good six weeks post partum. I was no where near how you look in my six week post partum!! I had so much weight to lose. I didn't start to try to lose weight till my son was almost 1 year old!
    Keep it up hot mama:)
  • slimsteelerfan
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    Girl! I see nothing sagging on you! You are my goal weight! LOL
  • indygal76
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    You look great for just having a baby. It took me almost 7 years to lose my baby weight! :wink:
  • kckBxer396
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    ok so i had my baby almost 6 weeks ago and im now wanting to get back into shape. but i still see myself as a big saggy fatty! im wanting to know what the general public would see me as so i know what size to aim for thanks

    this is me today....


    Honey, if this is current, you look fine! NOT a saggy fatty! You're probably a little less than half my size? If I didn't read the posts, I would have guessed about a 7. You look small to me. I can't tell that you've had children! If you don't like your body, maybe try getting more fit? I think you're already thin. =)
  • TinaBaily
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    You look beautiful! Your body is amazingly forgiving to you for having 4 babies in 5 years. I would say that with some toning, regular exercise, and continued healthy eating, your tummy won't feel so blah to you in time. Keep in mind that pregnancy lasted 9 months. You will have your beautiful body for the rest of your life, so don't sweat the small stuff. I'm very jealous of your hourglass figure!

    I have had 5 children, within 10 years, and the "baby" is 15 years, 5 months. I am 3 inches taller than 5 feet and weighed a massive 235lbs the day my youngest was born. I now weigh, after a lot of hard work, 82lbs less than that and have about 33lbs left to go, from what I can figure. I haven't been a healthy weight since becoming pregnant with my first, and he's 25 years old! I will never be able to look like you without having surgery. My genes and how much I had gained have caused my belly to lap over and I'm okay with that. It's been shrinking lately as my body has adjusted to being its current weight for the duration of my plateau the last few months, and that's a positive in my book. Enjoy your beautiful family, take care of yourself, exercise and eat well and your body will reward you for it. Congratulations on your new one!
  • PoopieMonster
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    157 lbs size 8