hip hop abs results??

strohst Posts: 146 Member
Has anyone tried hip hop abs ?? I love dancing so I just ordered it however was hoping to see some before and after pictures from anyone that has done it ?


  • katimama
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  • iNkedFiTmama
    iNkedFiTmama Posts: 277 Member
    i'd like to see too, i dont know anyone thats done it.
  • rlwaldie
    rlwaldie Posts: 5
    I did it for a while and saw no progress so I stopped. It's a fun workout to get you up off your feet but there was next to no change in my body in terms of fat loss or definition.
  • kts3639
    kts3639 Posts: 188 Member
    I found one of the hip hop abs workouts on YouTube a couple of months back and tried it. I did it once, and once was enough, it felt like a complete waste of time for me.
    SALSACHICA1 Posts: 66 Member
    I have it, and though I don't use it all the time, the hip buns and thighs workout is a killing and I LOVE it. so if I can't do anything at the gym or I just want to change things up, I use it. It works if your body is not use to those movements but I do a lot of dancing (partner dancing in a studio) anyways so it wasn't new for my muscles.
  • smithed812
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    I do it periodically, it's fun but I haven't stuck with it as a program. After running and 30DS and stuff like that it just seems a bit too easy but it's a nice ab workout as long as you remember to keep your core tight the entire time. And like I said, it's a fun way to burn a few calories. I will say that the Hips Buns & Thighs DVD makes me really feel the burn!
  • mpachee
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    It was tons of fun! Don't expect any define abs as a result but it helps out with your core. I would prefer zumba or rio over hip hop abs in terms of using dance as a workout.
  • mdelcott
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    Im starting week 4 today Its a fun workout but I def have not gotten abs from it LOL