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i've been tempted to try fat burners recently just to see if it would help me in the weight loss area. Have any of you tried any? Someone recommended Mega-T Green Tea from Walmart. Only $10. What are the PROS and CONS to this idea. Please enlighten me. THANKS.


  • nickkehagias
    Nowadays, none of them are truly fat burners like before the dangerous drug ephedrine was taken off the market years ago. A lot of the ones you will see now are either caffeine or "herbal remedies" and help more in the sense that they put you in the right frame of mind to work hard and see results, than they do to actually create any results on their own.

    I tried Hydroxycut this spring, and wasn't really impressed. Without ephedrine, it's just packed with caffeine. Even me, who is a veritable caffeine addict would get nerves/jitters from taking the pills.

    The results weren't great http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/90162-hydroxycut-cycle And I probably could have done just the same without them. It was mostly to test it out for my own personal knowledge.

    The best thing to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember, is that weight loss/ getting in shape aren't supposed to be easy, and when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
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    Indifferent. Drink some green tea instead. It helps when you eat well and exercise, and doesn't when you don't...so how much is it REALLY helping? Save your pennies and buy healthy food instead.
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    Depends. I don't go for the ones that supposedly burn fat you already have, but I do like one from "It Works" that you take when you eat a higher fat meal and it stops your body from absorbing some of the fat and metabolizing it. Nice to have around if fast food is your only option while travelling.
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    I've killed of 50 pounds by following Jenny Craig and no fat burners. I do drink Lipton Green Tea with Splenda in the morning and often times at 3pm or so to get through the rest of the day.

    For sugar cravings I take cinnamon tablets to curb them.
  • fredivk
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    Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it.