New to running HELP!

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Decided to add a little running to my walk today... OMG how do you all do it? My lungs and throat feel like they are on fire or I smoke 3 packs a day I imagine this is how it would feel. (I don't smoke) I ran barely at all. Any help on breathing for beginners? Maybe I pushed myself too hard? Maybe I was just born to be a fast walker? Also it was a bit windy today, not sure if that made a difference.

Thanks everyone!


  • I started running about a year ago. I remember I could barely go a block. Not around a block, but a block. It was horrible! I love running now. I run mostly 3-4 miles at a time, and one long run of 7 miles a week. I am no expert, but if you can learn to control your breathing, I think that is key. I breathe like I am almost in a relaxed state ... Deep breaths in and out. I doubt this is very helpful, but it is my two cents. :) It takes time, but you can do it. Keep it up!
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    Check out a couch to 5K program and slow down! If I can learn to run then anyone can.
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    I know exactly how you feel. 6 weeks ago, I started C25k. I could barely run the 60 seconds for week one. Now I'm on week 6, and I can't believe in such a short space if time I can run for 20 mins. Check out the app. You'll be amazed what you can do!!
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    YES! I was the same way. Love LOVE to run!:bigsmile:
  • blatzme
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    Check out a couch to 5K program and slow down! If I can learn to run then anyone can.

    WAY helpful!!!
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    Slow down. Your run will more resemble a shuffle at first. As you gain more fitness, your pace will improve. Just keep at it. C25K is a great way to get started.
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    I will be you again soon....used to run and got out of shape, now I'm getting some weight off the knees before I go again.

    I used to wheeze and thought I had "exercised -induced" running partner used to use an doc was smart and said "No you are just out of shape, it will come". He was right, it took quite a few weeks, but one day a half mile came without stopping and one day with some peppy music, a mile. I was sooo happy. You will get there too but patience is can hurt yourself pushing too hard, although going just a little bit past when you want to stop is okay. Always run/walk in the beginning...I couldn't follow another program to the tee, I just took some advice and ran until I couldn't, walked and then ran again, always trying to do even a few steps more.
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    Just build up your endurance with additional light jogging with your fast pace walking, do it in intervals
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    You body will adapt to running, and in some cases pretty quickly. If you haven't heard of Couch to 5K, it's a run walk program that lots of MFP-ers are successful at. It took me a year to complete it.

    A few other tips.

    -Get running shoes fitted at a running store.
    -Follow the C25K program and don't over do it!
    -Warm up and stretch.
    -Cool down and stretch.
    -I think you should walk a 5K before you start the program.
    -It's good to do some leg strength exercise like squats, lunges, planks and push ups.
    -Have fun!
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    I did smoke a pack a day,,,, now I am a runner. 7 days a week.
    I LOVE IT!,,, sure, it was hell in the beginning, but it all takes time,
    have the patience, it is worth it in the end,
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    #1 Slow Down.
    #2 Adjust your expectations. I highly doubt anyone who has taken up distance running picked up and ran their desired distance the first day without fatigue and hard breathing! It takes time to build your capacity and endurance.
    #3 aADD the expectation of challenge/difficulty/discomfort to your running expectations. Everyone seems to think that running is this euphoric event. And, while it has it's "highs" generally speaking the actually act of running can cause various discomforts even in the most seasoned athlete. It's in overcoming those challenges and discomforts that you have the "high" of accomplishment and the "high" of some pretty sweet endorphins!

    Read up on running. Learn about pacing and strength. Realize you will improve a little bit at a time. You will be running 5k races before you know it!

    Good Lukc!
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    As others have said, slow down. At first you shouldn't be going much faster than you do walking. Speed will come later.
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    I tote understand what you mean
    I started running in January and after 300 meters i thought i am ready to die - but i contiued and it gets better from every run to run in the beginning i made a mix of running and walking and run slowly and now just 5 months later i can run 8 kilometers without a walkingbreak - i am thinking about my first halfmarathon in February and feel so much better - when i had a though day at work running is my get my head free thing and i love it if anyone would have told my i will love running i would have laugh so hard but i really do now.

    Keep the running up even it is sometimes hard in the beginning the profit is yours at the end but listen to your body stop if you are too exhausted so the risk of injury isn't too high

  • Definitely what everyone else said. Slow wayyyyy down, get a c25k app and control your breathing. You can do this. It just takes conditioning.
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    I know what exactly you are going through !!

    I had this terrible time a month ago (15th June) when I started to jog instead of walking on the treadmill and my max was 30sec (@6kmph) and I was going out of breath and my shin started to hurt a lot.

    All I did, I started walking faster (4 to 5 kmph on treadmill with incline) which gave me some breathing back and did for couple of weeks like this. Then slowly started to increase the speed from 5 to 6 witn no incline and my capacity rose from 30sec to 2 min. Its getting better and better. Yesterday, I did running for 20min continuous (2km) and this morning 30min (3km) on the treadmill just with more sweat and less of any other problems.

    As everybody says, it will come with the time. Your body will achieve what your mind believes. Dont give up and keep doing what you are doing.

    PS : Even I have questions that what is the ideal spead I should be jogging/running at and I know the answer to it that "depends on each individual capacity".
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    I meant...15h May
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    I think you should try C25K as well. Most of my friends who run all started with it and they all are still running, have completed marathons or half marathons. Also make sure you get fitted for the proper shoes. When I started, I thought my Nike Free were good for running because they were so light. But I ended up getting shin splints which is very painful. After my legs got better I went to a running specific store and got the gait analysis done. They fitted me with Asics and I haven't had that problem since.

    Good luck on your journey.
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    I really had to concentrate on my breathing too. It definitely was not anything that happened overnight, but I found that breathing in for 3 steps and breathing out for 3 steps, consistently, helped. I also could NOT listen to music for the longest time or it would throw my breathing off. I can now (using RockMyRun playlists only), but it takes time and lots of practice. If you keep it up, you will grow to love it!
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    Thanks Everyone! I did just download the C25K app. Haven used it yet but maybe that will help. Maybe I was trying to go way too fast? It's weird I totally had a dream last night that I was jogging at a very slow pace for a really long time... I secretly always wanted to be a runner, kind of like a bucket list kind of thing.
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    You have to take really small steps. I've never done it, but a lot of people have great success with the Couch to 5K program. When I started running I couldn't run a minute without dying, and now I have really good endurance for it. Just try to make sure you run a little bit faster or further than the last time :) As long as you see *some* progress each time, you're headed in the right direction. Good luck!

    ETA: Drink about a litre of water an hour or so before going for your run so you ensure you're properly hydrated and won't get thirsty during your run. I made the mistake of not doing so in the beginning, therefore needing to drink water while running. This caused me to have cramps and I had to stop my run sooner than I'd wanted to.