7 lbs in one week???

How in the world did I gain 7 lbs in one week.. especially since this last week I have been so busy that I am way under my calories. I am thoroughly confused. U can look at my diary.. the should be no reason I gained that much weight. I know some could be water weight, etc etc but I didn't even go over my calories at all this week.


  • diannethegeek
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    It's probably all water weight. Our bodies hold onto water for a lot of reasons. Hormones (is your TOM approaching), stress, sodium, exercise, etc. Drink lots of fluids to help flush out the excess and wait it out.
  • You said it yourself, you didn't over eat so it's not fat. Therefore it doesn't matter. It's just a number on a scale.
  • gatorginger
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    Your eating out a lot and therefore you are eating a whole lot of sodium. You might want to fix your food category to show how much sodium you are eating you might be surprised how high it is. It will make you gain and feel bloated
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    Can you really retain 7 lbs of water weight? That sounds crazy. My sodium intake has been crazy high this week b/c I've been doing doubles at work so its alot of high sodium foods. Just crazy though
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    Well, considering you've eaten fast food almost every single day, perhaps you should start tracking your sodium levels to find out why youre retaining so much water... showing up as an increase on the scale ;)
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    Fast food is LOADED with sodium. Although it was still within your calories, you seemed to be eating it everyday. I keep my Sodium on my tracker and try not to go over that because I hate gaining water weight.
  • gatorginger
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    Well if you didn't gain before when you didn't eat out like that then that is the answer to much resturant food in one week can definitely do it to you.
  • keelerangela
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    I just added sodium to my diary and I went over my daily sodium twice this week. So Im guessing thats part of my problem... still shocked that it can equal 7 lbs.
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    I see the cute baby in your pic. You aren't nursing are you? (if you are, there is a way to log those calories in your diary and its highly recommended so that you don't undereat and compromise your health or baby's). If you are, then you can expect big fluctuations on the scale that have NOTHING to do with body fat.

    Have you considered getting a scale that tracks body fat % And taking measurements? Those are much more reliable ways to measure progress than a scale.
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    Ovulation also affects weight, I have seen people gain up to 10 lbs of water weight. U would have to eat an additional 3500 cals for each pound and u know u didn't do that so just keep doing what u r doing.
  • stumblinthrulife
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    Take your pick -

    Is there a chance you were dehydrated on your last weigh-in?
    Are you weighing at a different time of day as last weigh-in?
    Have you spent more time outside this week?
    Has their been a sudden climate change?
    Have you had much salt?
    Have you been working out a lot?
    Has your water intake dropped?
    Is TOM visiting?
    Has it been a few days since your last decent BM?

    Any of these can cause big weight fluctuations. Just believe that if you've been eating at a true deficit, it won't be fat, and it will come off again.

    During the transition from Winter-Spring-Summer, and subsequently more time spent outside, my weight has been fluctuating like crazy. It's still trending downwards, though.

    I suggest weighing everyday, and using a website called trendweight.com. Ignore the daily reads, and concentrate on the trend.
  • keelerangela
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    hahaha. nope not nursing. That is my niece so can't use just having a baby as an excuse
  • MightyDomo
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    Yep definitely can! I gained about 5lbs in water weight when I was very sick and decided not to leave the house and had a bit of take-out. I came off with drinking lots of water and eating within a healthy range (which for an adult is between 500 - 1500 mg to keep yourself from holding water weight) It's so darn easy to go over eating fast-food and food at restaurants so making meals that you can freeze and take with you or that are very simple to put together that it takes you a few minutes is the best options. Lunch meats are also killer in sodium, something I learned while tracking and absolutely didn't know before that!

    Exercise the excess out and drink plenty of water and I bet you will see it disappear!
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    You said it yourself, you didn't over eat so it's not fat. Therefore it doesn't matter. It's just a number on a scale.

    Lol I need to post this on my wall
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    I've gained 9 lbs in a day before. Of course, it all dropped off over the next two days. It's most likely water retention from high sodium food and stress.
  • keelerangela
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    so the old stand by that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie isn't exactly true.