1000 days of MFP

1000 days ago, I looked like this:

...and felt like this:

I joined MFP and shed a crap-ton of weight. I lost most of it just doing what MFP told me - I ate a deficit, exercised, and drank a ton of water. I made some amazing friends on here. I learned a lot about fitness from these friends, and I transformed my body.

At one point, a little over a year ago, I looked like this:

And then I met this guy here in my photo:

Tim also used to be obese and also lost a crap-ton of weight on MFP. He's flippin' amazing and insanely strong.

I moved to Utah to be near him. He's the most amazing man ever and he thinks I am gorgeous, which I have never really felt before.

He makes me super happy and I gained a bit of "Happy Weight." Not a ton, but I certainly don't look like I did in those pictures from last year. I am about 10-15 pounds heavier and quite a bit squishier, although I have only gone up half a size or so and am still within my healthy weight range.

Anyway, 1000 days after joining MFP, this is what I look like today:

Thanks to my spinal cord becoming compressed by a ruptured disc two months ago, that is, indeed, a cane in my picture. No more lifting heavy things or Zumba-ing my butt off. I am doing my physical therapy, though, and at least I'm not paralyzed and I certainly am better off than if I was still morbidly obese and out of shape.

Anyway, thank you for an amazing 1000 days, MFP. Thank you for helping me get and stay healthy. I can't imagine where my life would be without this awesome site or the incredible people on it (especially the superfantasticalwondrouslyamazing man I love).


  • NoeHead
    NoeHead Posts: 516 Member
    you look AMAZING!!! Great job thank you for sharing!!
  • daisymae850
    daisymae850 Posts: 127 Member
    Congrats and you still look great!
  • seena511
    seena511 Posts: 685 Member
  • Morninglory81
    Morninglory81 Posts: 1,190 Member
    That is amazing! You look beautiful and happy. Sorry for your injury but your attitude is inspiring.:flowerforyou:
  • niumee1982
    niumee1982 Posts: 9 Member
    What an inspiration!!! you have an amazing story! congrats!
  • aliciagetshealthy
    aliciagetshealthy Posts: 946 Member
    You still look amazing, and should be super proud of all you've accomplished! Best of luck for a full recovery!
  • deksgrl
    deksgrl Posts: 7,237 Member
    You look gorgeous! (and happy!)
  • angievaughn
    angievaughn Posts: 655 Member
    Of course I am one of your biggest fans!! You are amazing!! So strong!! You look amazing!! I am glad we are friends!
  • Coclarke
    Coclarke Posts: 19 Member
    Sorry to hear about your injury. Love your story though and congratulations on the weight loss!
  • Mexicanbigfoot
    Mexicanbigfoot Posts: 520 Member
    Thank you for sharing this!! Congrats on your success so far (and your relationship!) and good luck with your back injury. You look beautiful and you should be so proud! :flowerforyou:
  • marlynej
    marlynej Posts: 21 Member
    You are an inspiration to all of us at MFP. Looking great::flowerforyou:
  • You look great girl. I hope you get to feeling better. :)
  • perrinjoshua
    perrinjoshua Posts: 286 Member
    Wonderful to see how happy and healthy you look! And the inspiration you have given today is incredible. Have a happy life in Utah.
  • mandeenicoleb
    mandeenicoleb Posts: 479 Member
    WOW, AMAZING! Congrats. You look beautiful and very happy :D

    You are such a positive person, I love it.

    Good luck with the physical therapy and keep wearing that smile.
  • Johanne1957
    Johanne1957 Posts: 167 Member
    Friggin' amazing...wow...what an inspiration and congrats on all the good stuff that is and has happened to you...you deserve all of it...(not the injury of course!)

    You worked hard, persevered and achieved..!
  • LorinaLynn
    LorinaLynn Posts: 13,248 Member
    :drinker: :heart: :drinker: :heart: :drinker: :heart: :drinker: You rock! :drinker: :heart: :drinker: :heart: :drinker: :heart: :drinker:
  • da_bears10089
    da_bears10089 Posts: 1,791 Member
  • Rena42
    Rena42 Posts: 66 Member
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are an inspiration for everyone who's starting out.
  • AJ_MotherRunner
    AJ_MotherRunner Posts: 175 Member
    I was a fan of your postings from your other profile and I see you are still an awesome rockstar. You look great. I am glad you have a man who makes you feel gorgeous! You so deserve it! :heart: :heart:
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