Pickled Eggs!

After some not suprising and understandable reactions to my diary (Chicky and her lemon face :) I thought I would gain some opinions and spread the word on what i think is an excellent high protien fast food.... the Pickled Egg

Nutritional value:

Calories in Fischer's Pickled Eggs
Serving Size: 1 serving
Amount Per Serving
Calories 66.0 Total Fat 8.0 g Saturated Fat 1.0 g Polyunsaturated Fat 0.0 g Monounsaturated Fat 0.0 g Cholesterol 185.0 mgSodium 84.0 mg Potassium 0.0 mg Total Carbohydrate 0.0 g Dietary Fiber 0.0 g Sugars 0.0 g Protein 6.0 g

I love em....

But what do you think guys? Like them or would never even try them?


  • I would try them but never have :)
  • lurcstet
    lurcstet Posts: 77
    Try them, you will love them! :)
  • Chickyjd
    Chickyjd Posts: 131 Member
    Hehehehe.... Like I said I had a bad'un! :wink:
  • For sure, always up for new food~!
  • ContraryMaryMary
    ContraryMaryMary Posts: 1,576 Member
    Love, love, love them. Especially pickled quails eggs.
  • tedrickp
    tedrickp Posts: 1,229 Member
    I also love them - I think they might be a love hate kind of thing though because I know a lot of people who hate them. Sometimes they don't smell the best.

    They are EASY to make at home too - far easier than I expected in fact. I forget exact recipe I used (thousands out there if you google it) but it included beet juice - didn't impart any flavour just the pink/purple hue to the eggs.
  • rassha01
    rassha01 Posts: 534 Member
    MMmmmmm ; )
  • iAMsmiling
    iAMsmiling Posts: 2,394 Member
    Love them. Usually can't find them.

    BTW, pickled eggs and dark beer...yum. Also, guaranteed to clear the room inside of 24 hours.
  • Denjo060
    Denjo060 Posts: 1,008
    i absolutely love pickeled eggs do you them in red beets and onions? YUM!
  • VickyO1977
    VickyO1977 Posts: 156 Member
    Love them
  • Anthonydaman
    Anthonydaman Posts: 854 Member
  • commanderval
    commanderval Posts: 187 Member
    Love them. Usually can't find them.

    BTW, pickled eggs and dark beer...yum. Also, guaranteed to clear the room inside of 24 hours.

    Definitely! But so damn good!
  • oldandhealthier
    oldandhealthier Posts: 449 Member
    I have worked them into my food menu a few months ago. I like them because low cal and high in protein. They also last longer than regular boiled eggs. Plus I think they taste better. Of course idepending on what recipe you follow some can be some interesting colors. Allrecipes has some good recipes.
  • nicadee
    nicadee Posts: 28 Member
    Can't get my head round anything pickled!!

    :smile: :laugh: :smile:
  • kirk_clawson
    kirk_clawson Posts: 36 Member
    Dear old mom always makes them with beet juice. They were good in just regular pickle juice as well.

    Sadly, I've grown allergic to eggs over the past 3 years, and can't partake anymore. :sad:
  • lurcstet
    lurcstet Posts: 77
    Looks like its an overall "love them" result!! Pickled Eggs rule! :)
  • Chickyjd
    Chickyjd Posts: 131 Member
    Okay! So I'll buy another jar... lol
  • ellaloveslove
    ellaloveslove Posts: 166 Member
    I love pickled eggs, we used to make them all the time when I was little! I've never tried store bought ones though...
  • AmiC0717
    AmiC0717 Posts: 459 Member
    I LOVE pickled eggs but I don't care for beets. LOL. Anyway they are really good eaten the way they are or sliced on a salad. Yummmy. However - my kids freak if I make them at home. They think it stinks :)
  • Sqeekyjojo
    Sqeekyjojo Posts: 704 Member
    Pickled onions, cabbage, celeriac, gherkins, cucumbers, beets, all good. Eggs, good.

    But no, pickled eggs = not good.

    Eggs eaten with pickles = fine, though.