New from the UK :)

Hello everyone! I'm new to the site. I'm currently looking to lose a significant amount of weight for health purposes.

I have just started using myfitnesspal this week and think it is great.

I'm looking for motivation and some guidance especially on strength and cardio training. Feel free to add me. I'm looking forward to meeting people in the same boat, I'm open to tips, feel free to share your knowledge :)


  • Bex2Bslim
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    Request sent!
  • MrsSammi
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    Hi!! Im from the UK too :-) !!

    I joined a couple of days ago myself, i find its good for keeping track and motivating you to stick to targets.

    I hope you reach your goal ♥
  • minnie1957
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    Hi, first time I've posted on a forum.
    I also live in the UK. Joined this time last year and managed to lose 32lbs before life got in the way and I managed to regain all but 14lbs of that weight, so disappointed in myself. Starting again today, hopefully with support from this forum I can do better this time.
  • chocco8
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    Hello, I'm from the UK, been here almost a year, lost 19lbs still got a few to lose. Anyone can add me :)
  • cherryd69
    cherryd69 Posts: 340
    Feel free to add me, also from the UK, and i too have a bit to lose.

    Although i signed up in jan, i didnt really start properly till just over a month ago :)
  • coral_b
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    Any one feel free to add me- I'm good at motivating others, not so good for myself. I've re-gained all the weight I lost for my wedding.
    Def need to get back on track xx
  • Michelleh118
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    Thank you all for adding me, I'm just taking one day at a time, exercising lots and trying to control my portions.
  • Welcome to MFP,I'm also in the UK, good luck with your goal, feel free to add if you want
  • ciarabubs
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    I am from the UK, have sent friends request
  • kayl3igh88
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    add me if you like :)
  • AfricaLatina
    AfricaLatina Posts: 111 Member
    Hi! Me too, i have now rejoined and feel much more focused about it all perhaps we can motivate each other?
    Good Luck everyone :) feel free to add me xxx
  • coventryduke
    coventryduke Posts: 2 Member

    You can add me if you want. I will try and motivate you :-)
  • woza1974
    woza1974 Posts: 3
    i'm from uk to, i would like to lose about 10lbs to be at a healthy bmi, feel free to add me i'm new to. :smile:
  • cashcash12
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    Fitness freak :wink:
  • AniAnisha
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    I'm not from UK, but feel free to add me.. :)
  • londonboyben
    londonboyben Posts: 314 Member
    i'm from the uk too, be nice to have a few more members from the same timezone to support each other

    feel free to add me all :)
  • Hi,

    I'm from the UK too - feel free to add me. I've been a member for a long while but am only now taking it seriously. If anybody would like to add me as a friend I'd be really grateful.
  • m0jk
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    hi im from the uk too, been here almost a week and pretty much the same as you..... where do i start with exercise? feel free to add me people
  • shutterbug282
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    Hey there. :) I'm from the UK too, hoping to lose the last stubborn 10lbs! :)
    Feel free to add me ^^
  • Welcome to add me I'm from the UK and looking for UK guys and girls :):happy: