I have always been "the fat girl..."

I spent so long being "the fat girl," that I became convinced that was who I am. I would always hate my body. I would always be the co-worker who ordered fast food, the friend who's jeans were 6 sizes bigger than everyone else's, the girl who hung her head in shame because no one looked her way. Fat robbed me of happiness, joy & confidence. It was my label. No one looked deeper. Six weeks ago, Fat and I began a battle; a fight that this time, I wasn't willing to give up. When Fat screamed "You can't do this!" I gave it one more push up. When Fat wanted cookies and cake and soda, I drowned it in water, fruits and veggies. Fat has slowly hung it's head in shame as Fit gets compliments, second glances and new jeans. The only difference in Fat and Fit is "I." And I am doing this. So long old friend. Hope to never see you again!


  • H_Factor
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    Fantastic post :)

    Keep kicking fat's *kitten*!!!
  • TexNut
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    Way to go! I admire your courage and attitude -

  • tlab827
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    Great post!

    Keep up the hard work :)
  • MsStang02
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    Very nice! Keep up the great work! Excellent attitude! :flowerforyou:
  • SezxyStef
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    Great post...kick fat to the curb and have a new romance with Fit.
  • strivin2succeed
    wooooow im so glad this was the first post i read!!! i jst joined yesterday, since giving birth 2 my 2 daughters (youngest is now 6yrs old, my oldest is 10yrs old) i have stayed 40-50lbs overweight, eating so unhealthy always feeling so sluggish no energy.. Lately i have had this whole thought transformation where im really sick & tired of feeling all these ways but doing absolutely nothing about it... Your post really helped with keepin this positive inspiration about winning the battle against fat! we have the knowledge & how to do so we jst need that inspiration and motivation and your words were just that & more Thank You & good luck to all of us on this journey to success :happy:
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    Love it!
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    Good luck in your weight loss journey... but I would encourage to work on loving yourself for you and not basing it your physical appearance. There are plenty of people that did not let being overweight or obese that did not let their weight stop them from living life - I worry that if you really placed that much importance on it that losing weight isn't going to help that aspect. You want to be healthy mentally as well as physically.
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    This is one of those posts I just wish I could 'LIKE' lol! Good luck on your journey!
  • Lyssa021
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    awesome!! good luck!! im right with you on this one too, ive been where you are and im just starting mine finally!
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    Testify!! :bigsmile: Great post!
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    OMG OMG. That is....me...

    I am still struggling with my mental image of being "the fat girl"
    but I am trying to kick fat's *kitten*! That was the OLD me!!

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
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    Truly inspirational. Keep up the good work.
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    LOVE THIS!!!:love::smile: :bigsmile:
  • Morninglory81
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    I love it! Your attitude is amazing and your determination is what makes the difference. Fight for yourself and never give up!
  • cupcakes_and_cardio
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    I love it! You have an awesome attitude and you're going to do great! Keep up the positivity! :)
  • Mari_2009
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    LOVED this!!! It's just the motivation I need! :)
  • linsey0689
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    So happy I read this post really how I feel! People that have known me for awhile tell me I look sooo good now but I still am at 250 pounds just 35 pounds lighter than before.
  • infamousdrew76
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    First: You are not "the fat girl"! While you may have been overweight, that does not define you!

    Second: You're attitude is absolutely awesome! I promise if you keep going with that attitude, nothing will stop you!