What item of clothing do you want to buy when it fits???



  • RichOC
    RichOC Posts: 243 Member
    I'm all in for cosplays! I just need to figure out who I could be...
  • Capt_Inzane
    Capt_Inzane Posts: 733 Member
    A nice suit with a sports blazer
  • pseudomuffin
    pseudomuffin Posts: 1,058 Member
  • TheShrinkingKween
    TheShrinkingKween Posts: 91 Member
    Anything from Victoria's Secret. Right now I only fit into the body lotion.

    THIS!!! Oh... and a nice tight sexy pair of jeans!!! And to go with said jeans, a tight fitting shirt, since by then, I'll no longer have all these rolls that look icky in tight shirts!
  • herblackwings39
    herblackwings39 Posts: 3,930 Member
    Let's see if this works...


    O.M.G. YES!

  • norahwynn
    norahwynn Posts: 862 Member
    I want a women's cut GREEN BAY packer shirt. No more boys/mens t-shirts for me. I just bought a Brewers women's cut t-shirt. I will be wearing in in about a month to a game. I LOVE the cut of the women's t-shirt.

    I was going to say a new suit for work, but I so forgot that I've been eyeing a women's cut N.O. Saints jersey! Same as you....tired of wearing the men's jerseys!!
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,741 Member
    dresses. I love to wear dresses already, but I'm at an awkward phase between buying cute dresses and just putting cardigans over them, and wearing a more figure-conscious dress.
  • treesa101
    treesa101 Posts: 26
    is that you in that dress
  • scookiemonster
    scookiemonster Posts: 175 Member
    Mostly, i want to fit into the clothes I can't wear right now. I was just going through my closet and found a pair of size 8 skinny corduroys that I bought a couple of years ago that I can't fit into, and they are just SOOOO freaking soft... Maybe by the fall?

    Other than that, the one thing I've never been able to do is feel comfortable working out in just a sports bra. I want to have washboard abs and go to the gym or the crag (I'm a rock climber) and be that hot, badass chick in leggings and a bright colored sports bra making all the guys jealous of my crazy muscles and how I can like hang upside down off a rock wall with one finger (or something).

    I'm a long way from that, but I can dream, right?
  • herblackwings39
    herblackwings39 Posts: 3,930 Member

    I adore pinupgirlclothing and the evelyn dress is just darling!
  • starlaca
    starlaca Posts: 779 Member
    A thong that doesn't get lost.
  • jezebellle23
    jezebellle23 Posts: 36 Member
    Some expensive *kitten* jeans! When I am the right size to splurge on jeans over $80.00... Im gonna stay in them!!!
  • joy5877
    joy5877 Posts: 166 Member
    Victoria Secret bra and panties, fitted leather jacket and a pencil skirt!!!
  • 13suzie
    13suzie Posts: 349 Member
    It's pre-bought.

    I bought it in 1996.

    IT'S MY WEDDING DRESS and I want to put it on and zip it up and dance around the house like a lunatic! I might even put my veil on!!!!! Can't wait. I am only a few pounds off, but I am not trying it on until I hit the same exact weight!!!! :tongue:
  • maghenwarren
    maghenwarren Posts: 28 Member
    A Victoria's Secret bathing suit!!
  • aprmay
    aprmay Posts: 216 Member
    maybe a cute low cut pair of jeans and some (cowboy) boots.
  • StinkyWinkies
    StinkyWinkies Posts: 603 Member
    Anything that is "New" -- I'd love to wear button-up jeans again and a swim suit...I've not even owned a swim suit since...well, seems like forever.
  • domnicole
    domnicole Posts: 1
    I want to look good to myself in skinny jeans, yoga pants, and leggings. Anything tight fitting.
  • dbratton87
    dbratton87 Posts: 55 Member
    Naked? lol, I'm pretty much to a point where I will wear anything I wanted to wear before. Now I would just like to get to a point where I look GREAT in short shorts, a bikini, and naked instead of just okay. I feel okay in short shorts and a bikini (finally!) but I need more muscle definition and bit more fat gone before I look awesome.