My story w pics. *sensitive material in story*



  • andreabrabham
    andreabrabham Posts: 116 Member
    WoW! Your story is very touching. Thanks for sharing that. I could not imagine. You are strong. Keep your head up
  • MrsM0053
    MrsM0053 Posts: 10 Member
    Your story is amazing and thank you for sharing. I know how raw it can make you - I have been there.

    First of all, I want to say that I am pro-choice and have worked as a pregnancy counselor. Helping woman get the right answers and solutions to fit their needs at the time. So I am grateful that you have shared your story - talking about weight loss/weight gain makes us all vulnerable but adding in something like what you went through is a completely different level.

    On the health side - hyperemesis gravidarum is often (not always) a symptom of something else going on. Common underlying issues are hypothyroid, lupus and anxiety, for example. Considering you had the kidney issues, I would toss out the anxiety piece. Also, considering your history with weight, hypothyroid may make sense. But on the other hand, the piece about your kidneys makes Lupus more of a possibility. I know that being diagnosed with something sucks, I have Multiple Sclerosis, but it gives answers. However, both hypothyroid and Lupus can take a while to be diagnosed but I would highly recommend you following up with doctors so that when you are interested in having a baby you can be healthy and have the best experience possible.

    My sister had hyperemesis gravidarum, with her pregnancies. Pregnancy number 1 was the same as you, ended in abortion. Got pregnant several years later and had hyperemesis gravidarum. Wound up losing 100 lbs (she weighed 250), had a PIC line, gallbladder removed at 27 weeks and was hospitalized for ~7 months. She too lost her job but her boy was born healthy. Shortly after she delivered she found out she has Lupus. Now she is on her 3rd pregnancy, 3rd boy and she is in kidney failure. She should have never gotten pregnant this time but she felt like since she already had one abortion she wasn't "allowed" to have a 2nd. The "allowed" comes from her not wanting to. But now she is in grave danger - and so is her baby. So please, follow-up with your doctor. Accidents/surprises happen and it is better to have all of the answers than to be forced to make decisions you don't want to (or can't).

    Hugs to you.
  • Flab2fitfi
    Flab2fitfi Posts: 1,349 Member
    Thank you for sharing.

    I also suffered from severe morning sickness - lost over a stone is 4 weeks and very ill. At 12 weeks I got told I would probably lose the baby as I so ill. Luckily it did not happen and although was continuously sick for 9 months did ok. After giving birth I was diagnosed with a milk intolerance which they think may have contributed to the morning sickness. Good news is that in subsequent pregnancies I had bad morning sickness but not as severe. I also have autoimunnes disorders so there could be a link there too.

    It must have been very hard choice - many women who have not had hyperemesis gravidarum do not understand how awful it is. I got to the point that I vomiting blood as the acid has burned my windpipe.

    Well done with the wait loss and good luck if you decide to try again.
  • norahwynn
    norahwynn Posts: 862 Member
    I'm so sorry for your loss, and the 'loss' of your family. Hopefully in time they will come around and understand what was at stake for both you and the baby. Either way, you are a very strong and brave woman.

    You look awesome by the way!! :flowerforyou:
  • Iloveeyore78
    Iloveeyore78 Posts: 75 Member
    First I am very proud of you and want to acknowledge your bravery for sharing this. YOUR LIFE is important too. Everything in life happens perfectly and you are on your path to really finding your healthiest you. Sounds like a great person you are sharing your life with and best wishes for nothing but success and happiness in all that matters to you! :flowerforyou:
  • cressievargo
    cressievargo Posts: 392 Member
    You have been through so much...I am so sorry. My heart just aches for you and your loss and the fact that your family hasn't supported you. I have lost children in utero and after birth. It is the worst loss there is. In the religious family I am part of, I had to have an D&C after one of my miscarriages. The paperwork called it an abortion and there was this huge uproar in my family - they knew that the baby was dead but that I still was associated with that word. In your situation, you did the only thing you could do. It may be hard for people to find the balance between morality and right/wrong. Things did settle down for me and I hope for you. I am thinking of you and will light a candle for your little one! Namaste!

    :( that is sad, especially since a miscarriage is often termed "spontaneous abortion" in the medical world. So no way to win with those folks. :(
  • lacharp
    lacharp Posts: 66
    Wow... that is a lot to go through at such a young age! Congrats on coming through it all. It takes a lot of strength!
  • siany01
    siany01 Posts: 319 Member
    What an amazing person you are, to cope with all that and come out fighting. I truly wish you every success and best for your future. xx
  • jjjbeans111
    Amazing story - can't even imagine what you went through...... wonderwoman, thank you for sharing with us. :smile:
  • nhouse3417
    nhouse3417 Posts: 105
    You are so much older than your years. So sorry you have had to go through so much in so little time. But like you said this has all made you a stronger person. You look incredible, truly a beautiful person inside and out.
  • sugarchic64
    wow what a testimony!!! so glad your ok and getting healthy. best wishes w/ your new life!!!!
  • adioschubs
    adioschubs Posts: 384 Member
    Wow, what an incredible story. First off, glad you are doing well health-wise. Second, you have made such great progress with your weight loss. Congratulations! :drinker:
  • Merrysix
    Merrysix Posts: 336 Member
    What an inspiring journey.
  • pinkpatron
    pinkpatron Posts: 154
    Thank you everyone for your kind words and wishes.

    You guys made me cry haha
  • Kushy8
    Kushy8 Posts: 103 Member
    It sounds like you went through hell, but you are strong woman to have pulled through the other side. I'm grateful you had the legal option to abort to save your life. Your pics seem to be working now and you look great! Keep up the good work!
  • PrimalPixie
    PrimalPixie Posts: 69 Member
    What a touching story! You've been through so much, and have come out shining. Your strength will enable you to do anything in life. Truly, anything. You look amazing btw. =)
  • Sassybmom
    Sassybmom Posts: 146 Member
    <3 you're one amazing an inspirational lady!
  • FixIngMe13
    FixIngMe13 Posts: 405 Member
    (*(*(*( HUGS )*)*)*)

    You know, there is a reason for everything. No judgements here! I'm so sorry however that your family doesn't understand.. but one day they will come around. Just remember to forgive them (really and truly forgive deep down in your heart) for their lack of forgiveness and understanding. Don't hold onto any anger or resentment (easier said than done) or any hurt feelings... God's gonna work in your favor here and bring your loved ones back to you. You have been through so much at such a young age. What a great before and after picture!!! You have done so well! :flowerforyou:
  • maundrelle
    maundrelle Posts: 39 Member
    this is the most touching story i've read on here.
    I was so shocked and hurt to hear how your family responded to your choice. Literally had tears in my eyes. :(
    I am so glad you are feeling better now, physically and spiritually.
    You look fantastic! You've made such a huge change! I can't imagine what it feels like on the inside, but it shows on the outside for sure!

    Wishing you a blessed life :)
  • _quirky_girl_
    _quirky_girl_ Posts: 27 Member
    Thank you for sharing your story. You look fantastic.
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