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anyway, doing Debbie Sieber's Slim in 6. There are a lot of knee strenuous workouts (lunges, squats, etc). Than she has you do a section called "All Fours" where you are on your knees and hands doing butt exercises. Problem is, between the squats and lunges and than kneeling on all fours (I have hard wood floors but use a yoga mat) my knees really start to hurt. Any suggestion on something I could put under my knees for the all fours section? I tried a towel but it wasn't helping to much.


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    Have you tried stacking two yoga mats? That helps more than a towel for me.
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    I have hardwoods and am religious about yoga. My knees hit the floor alot! I have a very thick yoga mat - runs between $75-$100. Worth it for me. I also use a couple of towels but they are more to keep me from slipping.
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    Fold over the yoga mat so that you add more padding under the knees. Or use anything to add more padding under you knees when you are all fours. This is the trick they teach you in Yoga class.
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    Usually I just double up my yoga mat /fold it over.
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    Double up a yoga mat- works wonders :)
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    I bought some of the interlocking mats at Sam's to use and it helps a lot!
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    kneepads. they aren't just for dates.
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    kneepads. they aren't just for dates.

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    This thread was not what I thought it was
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    They make foam kneeling pads for gardeners, you can try that. I know my Father used to use that when he clean the bathtub and said it helped. They probably sell them at home depot.
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    This thread was not what I thought it was

    I was thinking the same thing.
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    kneepads. they aren't just for dates.