Any Brits out there?



  • hi..sheffield here... feel free to add me
  • Flab2fitfi
    Flab2fitfi Posts: 1,349 Member
    West Yorkshire - been on here 15 months now.
  • bernied262
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    I'm in Canterbury, Kent. Originally from Ireland. I have been using this for a while now and love it, down 55lbs, with about 7 to go :) Feel free to 'friend' me.
  • Hiya!! I'm a Bedfordshire girl :-) xx
  • rhiannon737
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    Newcastle :drinker: feel free to add me, need more people from the same time zone
  • Camera_BagintheUK
    Camera_BagintheUK Posts: 707 Member

    ooooh thank you, I have just joined :bigsmile:

    Brill! Keep em coming!!!!!!
  • epie2098
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    I'm British, but I live in Canada now :)
  • kanegirl973
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    Hiya I am in Scotland, log daily, feel free to add and good luck!!!
  • Primal_Warrior_
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    Living and Working in London. Feel free to add.
  • charlottej236
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    Wow lots of replies! :) Hi everyone! I have to go to work now (boo) but I'll log on this evening and make some friends from the same timezone :tongue:
  • Hi Charlotte, Tanya here from Essex...great to see you on MFP. Need any help at all, please let me know...Feel free to add me
  • kayl3igh88
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    Adds if you like - Kay, Lincolnshire, 24, single parent, volunteer, currently working on NVQ L2 in Customer Service.
  • mutley1971
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    yep sussex here, have added you, feel free to add me folks
  • mark1978mark
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    I'm from Southampton!
  • amandaj1966
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    Hi, shouting out from Essex, welcome. I've been using MFP for nearly a year. x
  • WalkingMermaid_
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    Warwickshire here, feel free to add me :D
  • joyfuljoy65
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    Derbyshire lady here :)
  • becka63
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    Hi, from West Midlands, looking for some new friends in the same timezone defo!
  • Hi I am Kylie and I live in Brighton.
  • KeithChanning
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    Much travelled Devon boy now retired and living in France. Been on here for almost a year, achieved my goal and now maintaining.