Is it normal to not feel hungry after a strenuous workout?

I have circuit training for 40 mins and Zumba an hour later for about 50 mins, twice weekly. I eat lots of protein and leafy greens, about 1200 calories three to four hours before my workouts. However, after I workout, I don't feel hungry at all.

On the other hand, on my "off" days when I am not exercising and just relaxing around at home, I feel more hungry and eat a lot more, anywhere between 2500-3000 calories.

My question is this: Is this normal/abnormal, and why? And is this because I'm occupied with my workout activities that I don't have all the time on my hands to think about food (such as on my "off" days)?


  • grimm1974
    grimm1974 Posts: 337 Member
    That is perfectly normal.
  • PepperWorm
    PepperWorm Posts: 1,206
    On days I exercise, I sometimes find myself ravenous. Most of the time though...I'm with you. It helps "curb" the appetite.

    If I don't work out, I'm HANGRY.
  • dr_tina
    dr_tina Posts: 225 Member
    cardio decreases my appetite greatly....however, weightlifting increases it
  • LaurenAOK
    LaurenAOK Posts: 2,475 Member
    I'm the exact same way and I've wondered why too! I always eat a snack before my workout, but sometimes I still feel hungry and I tell myself "I can eat a big delicious meal after I work out!" But then after the workout, my appetite is completely gone. Happens every time. So weird!
  • vkc1978
    vkc1978 Posts: 63 Member
    cardio always decreases my appetite, but not my hunger... if its been a few hours ill know im hungry by how weak i am, not necessarily how loud my tummy is growling while eating itself :smile:
  • RunFarLiveHappy
    RunFarLiveHappy Posts: 805 Member
    I call my rest days Rhino rest days because I eat like a rhino. I'm always hungry after a huge workout day. This is why my rest days are more active than some people's. This way I keep my TDEE higher and still net a deficit.
  • TheEffort
    TheEffort Posts: 1,028 Member
    I find myself hungrier on my rest days...part of the recovery process for me.

  • JTick
    JTick Posts: 2,131 Member
    I am pretty much never hungry after going to the gym...the next day I am completely ravenous though.