Too much protein?

So I am starting off with a protein rich diet for the first week (Dukan style).

Question...what happens when my protein goes into the negative (or red) in my daily food tracker?

I have done this style of diet before and had success (8lbs in 7 days) and was able to introduce veggies and fruits back in successfully, just fell off the wagon when I travelled abroad.

Any ideas??


  • kikicooks
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    Don't worry about the red unless a doctor has told you of a health condition that requires you to eat low protein. I personally think the MFP default setting is too low. You can manually change it if seeing the red bothers you, otherwise ignore it.
  • Tigg1011
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    I am doing the same as you. Dont worry about the red because you are focusing on having as much protein as you can. So just ignore it.
  • johnelwell
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    I think a lot of people would agree that the setting for protein on MFP is low and we have all gone to custom setting, I lost weight at default setting but felt weak and general sporting performance was down. altered my protein with the help of a calculation and all seems fine now and weight/fat loss keeps happening but muscle loss is not. Please feel free to add me as a friend if you wish
  • kristen6022
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    :smile: Check out my diary for today...those last 3 macros better be in the red everyday or I get very mad at myself :explode:

    MFP's protein values are way too low. I set mine for mininum of 101g/day and that's just a starting point.