I'm good at...



  • elledeery
    elledeery Posts: 866
    - Playing piano
    - Writing poetry
    - Caring for animals
    - Cooking
    - Taking shots
  • SoViLicious
    SoViLicious Posts: 2,633 Member
    Getting people to do things for me
    Creating fun
    Oh and being smart
  • K_Serz
    K_Serz Posts: 1,299 Member
    Being ignored
  • Tony_Brewski
    Tony_Brewski Posts: 1,376 Member

    I can cook, clean, fix the pipes, fridge and car as well the TV and computer, I hunt and fish. Oh and take out the trash walk the dog and take care of any bad guys that happen to come along, annoying the wife and making the kids laugh.... I used to be good in the sack then I annoyed the wife too much now I'm really good at sleeping on the couch.
  • BenchPressingCats
    BenchPressingCats Posts: 1,826 Member
    I'm good at quoting the most random lines in songs. I have a really good memory for songs, artists, and sometimes even albums that the songs are from. I'm awesome at bench pressing cats. I can herd the little b*tches too. I can c0ck block like a mother fvcker, I can add curse words to anything, I can talk to anybody, and I can talk about things that are normally "hot button" issues without getting butthurt that not everybody shares the same views as I do. I can squat my body weight, I can't sing but I can pretend that I can, and I'm really good at telling jokes with a straight face. Wow, this is a really random bunch of things...
  • atb0821
    atb0821 Posts: 458 Member
    Data entry (what a lame azz skill)
    Leg presses
    Complaining/being a pain
    Back scratches
    Wearing crazy high heels on the daily like a boss
    Acting like a 13 year old boy
  • zoober
    zoober Posts: 226 Member
    Stating the obvious and selling it as a new idea. Been paying the bills like that for a looong time.
  • Blacklance36
    Blacklance36 Posts: 755 Member
    Getting dogs to do what I want them to do.
  • whinning and being an awesome mommy!
  • NathanielUK
    NathanielUK Posts: 61 Member
    what a depressing question :(


    Life i guess??
  • ShyPar
    ShyPar Posts: 13 Member
    I'm pretty good at using quotes from Harry Potter in English papers. Goodness my teachers probably hated me.
  • mrs_mab
    mrs_mab Posts: 1,024 Member
    Edting Photography
    Being a mom
    Coaching softball
  • I'm good at hammering 8 ft. stakes into the ground (providing it rained the night before).
  • whinning and being an awesome mommy!
    Oh yeah I forgot eating lol
  • Hawkeye_74
    Hawkeye_74 Posts: 205 Member
    I'm good at:

    --My work. (ask if your curious hehehe)
    --Playing Volleyball.
  • VorJoshigan
    VorJoshigan Posts: 1,106 Member

    Tell me more.
  • EdTheGinge
    EdTheGinge Posts: 1,616 Member
    Eating PopTarts and getting myself out of trouble (gift of the gab)
  • Trueray
    Trueray Posts: 1,189 Member
    everything, master of nothing.
  • SpeSHul_SnoflEHk
    SpeSHul_SnoflEHk Posts: 6,256 Member
    I'm a good story teller.
  • pawnstarNate
    pawnstarNate Posts: 1,728 Member
    Everything.....of course!