Any Londoners? UK peeps?

Been on this journey a while now but had to pause due to some health issues. I'm starting the journey again and trying to make the most of the good weather :)

Have like 2 stones (20lbs) to lose. Feel free to add me and tell me a bit about yourselves! :)


  • Moonlight17
    Moonlight17 Posts: 173 Member
    None? :(
  • CarlHKF
    CarlHKF Posts: 42
    you can add mer im from the UK
  • daughterofelectricfire
    Hey lovely! I'm near London and just starting out, I'll give you an add :)
  • tjthegreatone
    Heyyo I'm in the UK but only a temporary Londoner. I shall be a Brummie from October :laugh:
    Feel free to add me if you like. The more, the merrier I think.
    I won't give away too much classified information about myself (!).
    I'm female, facing the big 3-0 imminently, being trying to lose the last 5 pounds since forever; love exercise but love food so much that they won't budge. I'm currently struggling with motivation to stop overeating in this beautiful weather!
    I log my food and exercise intake everyday but am only sporadically active on posts and the boards. I don't judge or comment on others' food diaries as I think they are individual and potentially sensitive.
    If all that is useful, we're good to go!
  • ALittleSwanny
    ALittleSwanny Posts: 36 Member
    Hey, I'm a Northerner living near London currently :) feel free to add me!
  • SairahRose
    SairahRose Posts: 412 Member
    I'm from Sheffield, but keep visiting London if that helps :P

    Good luck with your journey :D
  • johnelwell
    johnelwell Posts: 38 Member
    Based in West Midlands but always in your neck of the woods working, please feel free to add me, Let me know if you want to join the group and i will send you an invite to that as well
  • lynnerack
    lynnerack Posts: 158 Member
    There are loads of peops from the UK on here. Look at "Find Members" on the bar at the top and put your location and age etc in. Good luck on your journey by the way!
  • DLS05
    DLS05 Posts: 42 Member
    I'm from Yorkshire :) quite far away from London like!!
  • Bambalina_1
    Bambalina_1 Posts: 78 Member
    I live iuth east London add me if you like ????
  • jojo37696
    jojo37696 Posts: 93 Member
    If you would like a friend in London, Ontario Canada I would love to be one. I know it's across the pond but it is London. Add me if you like.
  • acpgee
    acpgee Posts: 7,711 Member
    Shoreditch here.
  • cornishbaby
    Cornwall :)) have added x
  • jgarrett731
    jgarrett731 Posts: 36 Member
    If you would like a friend in London, Ontario Canada I would love to be one. I know it's across the pond but it is London. Add me if you like.

    I'm London, Ohio! :)
  • LisaWho32
    LisaWho32 Posts: 25 Member
    Originally from the states, but in the UK for the past 11 East London now :)

    I'll add you!
  • gawx
    gawx Posts: 52 Member
    im from the UK feel free to add me :D
  • BethanBee86
    BethanBee86 Posts: 71 Member
    Not from London but from Wales feel free to add me :)
  • markbel83
    markbel83 Posts: 60
    From Bristol fill free to add me
  • cherryd69
    cherryd69 Posts: 340
    Im from the UK, West Midlands, with a Londoner for a husband.... :drinker:

    Please feel free to add, i dont mind.
  • Moonlight17
    Moonlight17 Posts: 173 Member
    Thanks for the adds everyone. Really appreciate it! :) Let's do this!!