How do you log your Crossfit?

I'm new here so this might be a stupid question. But if I go to crossfit, how do I log that in my exercise? I've been searching and can't work it out.

Please help!


  • nashai01
    nashai01 Posts: 536 Member
    I add my own name for the WOD or I just put it as interval training and add crossfit to the name. I use my HRM to log the calories.
  • kiramaniac
    kiramaniac Posts: 800 Member
    I use Calisthenics.

    There's a CrossFit Love group that you might want to check out. There are some CF Haters, and usually a post in the general forums will get them to come out.
  • wswilliams67
    wswilliams67 Posts: 938 Member
    For actual CF logging I use myWOD for iOS and Android.

    For MFP I'd create my own exercise called "CrossFit" and just log my time and calories burned. You'll need an HRM or some other meter like BodyMedia FIT or Jawbone Flex or Up to get your calorie burn.
  • legally_klee
    legally_klee Posts: 1 Member
    I use "circuit training" to log it on myfitnesspal. Sometimes there's a calorie reduction based on my fitbit...but I'm not sure it's 100% accurate all the time. My other HRM watches seem to be pretty close to the circuit training calorie count from MFP.
  • BAMFMeredith
    BAMFMeredith Posts: 2,834 Member
    I'll log it as "circuit training" but I don't rely on it to be totally accurate, and I don't eat back my exercise calories according to MFP. But I think circuit training is a pretty decent estimate on what your burn is like.