Frustrated with myself.

I am at my wits end.

I think I need to just start over. Tell myself it is Jan 6th again and do exactly what I was doing between Jan -April. I have been doing a half assed job the last few months. Starting & stopping the exercise, getting injured, recovering but still not starting again.
Not watching my sodium most days, NOT eating real meals most days, just grabbing a handful of animal crackers, a cliff bar, 1/2 c cottage cheese and NOT tracking my food everyday. I have changed my settings from 1200 -1320 cals per day because I thought maybe the loss was sooooooo slow because 1200 wasn't enough. Although when I was allowed 1200 I was never eating all of them. Very rarely did I hit the 1200 mark and I wasn't hungry. I was actually eating better than when not on MFP. I have tweaked and changed so much that now I am confused and sloppy. The only thing I am consistant on these days is the water. Still doing 10 or more every day. My main problem is NOT eating meals. Which is how I survived before I found MFP. I live alone so cooking is not something anyone around here would miss. Used to live on Diet coke all day and then eat one meal, half the time that meal is cereal or 2 english muffins with peanut butter. I dont want to slip back into that habit and if I dont get my *kitten* in gear that is where I am headed.

The results? Nothing, watching the same 3 pounds come & go for weeks !
This is what happens EVERYTIME I try to loose weight. I get to 10 pounds and then nothing, it all stops or I get lazy and sloppy. Not sure what happens first but I have never lost more than 10 pounds in my life.....?
I have to get this back on track before winter sets in here in Michigan, exercise HAS got to be a habit for me before the snow flies and walking outside is no longer an option. The treadmill must become my friend by then.

I really do not enjoy whiners or people that constantly make excuses, so I thank you for listening.
I promise this is the last time.


  • Mindful_Trent
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    I think you have it figured out - start over, let go of your frustration, but make sure you learn from it. For example - you said that most days you weren't even eating your 1200 calories. Now you know that you might want to plan meals out in advance and have plenty of healthy, calorie-dense food that you can include in your diet. (healthy grains - lentils, quinoa, etc, nuts/seeds, low-fat dairy,etc.) With enough practice, you'll wonder how you ever had a problem getting up to 1200!! :laugh:

    Figure out what went wrong (as much as you can) and, in starting over, tweak your routine to make sure those don't go wrong again! It's a trial and error process - most of us fall off/backslide at some point. I lost 30 lbs last year from Sept-early January, but then from Jan-May of this year I regained about half of it. I'm just now getting back to where I was in January. Yes, it's frustrating, but I've learned from my mistakes and am determined not to let the same thing happen again.

    Good luck!!! You CAN do it - one step, one day at a time! It's not so overwhelming when you just look at one day at a time, and ask - how can I eat right and get some exercise in for today?
  • girlruns
    I am in a very similar boat. I looked back and saw that on July first I was 145.8, today I was 142. What the heck! But if I'm honest, I'm behaving much the way you are. Although my problem was/is/always has been overeating/emotional eating. Last night I cooked a DELICIOUS meal of homeade chicken parmesan and garlic bread. While I had over 700 calories going in, the bread crumbs and cheese probably put me over. Instead of figuring it out I just didn't log. And today I didn't have time to pack a lunch and I'm feeling bored so I'm thinking about some tasty (not healthy) things I could get for lunch. If I ever want this last 12 pounds to go away, I have to become more accountable.

    I'm also in Wisconsin so I hear you on the snow! I'm still trying to adjust to the early morning darkness :sad:

    We know what to do and how to do it, so let's dig in and go for it! Friend me if you'd like and we can try and kick our butts together:wink:
  • girlruns
    By the way, love your signature quote. I feel the same way!!
  • ktague
    I think if it helps you to type this on MFP then whine all you want! I've been in a rut myself for about a year now. Up a pound down a pound, up two pounds, down a pound. I appreciate you typing your frustration. It has motivated me to get up off my rear (really, right now) and I am going down to the gym and getting on the elliptical. We have a gym at our office so there should be no excuse for me! Good luck to you and stick with it!
  • vdpal
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    I am much the same. I keep losing and gaining the same two pounds. I keep wondering when am I going to make the change.
  • Chani56
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    Ditto, amen, I share your sentiments EXACTLY!

    Well, maybe not quite 'exactly'. The only difference is I have a family I have to cook for and a husband who is supportive verbally but nothing more. He says he'll encourage me to eat healthy but still expects his unhealthy favorites. If it's in the house I'm done for. I'm tired of making separate meals for him and me and the kiddo. I don't run a frikkin diner! I want to just tell them "You can eat what I fix or don't eat at all" but I'm too afraid to upset the peace in the house. I feel like I'm running into a brick wall and I'm about at my breaking point.
  • jaylu
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    its all about the pre planning i think!

    im no angel right now im on here because i want some food - i'm not hungery in the slightest but i still want something that tastes good! im distracting myself from the wheaten bread i just made thats cooling in kitchen eek i could eat the whole thing all by myself right now!

    but i plan my next days meals the night before it really helps! and also start the day with a filling breakfast that you enjoy! don't forget that just because its healthy doesn't mean that it cant taste nice! i wake up really looking forward to tucking into my porridge every morning - prob my fav meal of the day! and don't deprive yourself eat low cal snacks every few hours to keep that metabolism ticking over!

    good luck everyone!
  • ladymedic22
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    I also have a common law spouse who supports my efforts but does not want to be inconvienced by not getting his meal choices. So I reached a compromise(well not that he has much choice unless he cooks LOL) I make one protein, so whatever healthy meat choice I want he gets too, ie chicken and pineapple skewers or pork loin roast. But I do make two side dishes, usually mashed potatoes or KD for him and vegetables, rice, or salad for me. The only concession I will make to his protien is to put a sugary sauce on it or serve one on the side but it has to cook and the same time and temperature as plainer meat. Seems to be working so far and he still has the times he goes out to eat to choose something fatty. I told him I could not be successful unless he came along for the ride. Hope that helps.
  • cdavis1126
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    I understand your frustration and you can whine whenever you need to! Planning my meals out for the day really helps. I used to do it for a whole week in advance but after a year of this, I find I can do it on the fly. I like to make things like chili in advance and then break it down into servings to freeze. This way if I've had a tough day or don't feel like planning something, I can always just pull out a bag of chili to defrost. Paired with a trader joe's whole wheat bun and a tsp of smart balance and it's quite the comfort food.

    Grill up some chicken and store in the fridge or even buy one of those rotisserie chickens, take the meat off and store in the fridge. I like to make wraps with that with 1 tbsp of hummus, a couple slices of tomato and some spinach. Think quick and easy but healthy and plan out your meals so you know what you are eating for the day.

    Tonight I'm making myself 1 cup of spinach topped with 2 tbsp fat free refried beans and 1 whole fried egg and 1 egg white. Also 1 tsp of tabasco. The spinach bags are great to have in the fridge and the refried beans were from huevos ranchero that I made the other night. My food diary is open to the public if you need some ideas!

    My husband eats what I put down in front of him by the way. None of this cooking two meals crap for me. Of course, I cook meals that are healthy and just portion my out and let him eat what he wants.

    It also helps that I have a great community of support here and on I blog there every night and it's a great food plan. Wanting to lose weight is a great start but you need support and a plan. I'm pretty sure you can get on the website without paying for anything and just go to the community. Reach out to me personally if you have any questions!

  • jbuffan218
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    Thanks to everyone for the virtual hug. Today was a much better day . I appreciate the support and suggestions.:flowerforyou: