What is your guilty pleasure (food wise, lol)

So I am back on the weight loss band wagon so to speak. I am cutting out processed foods, especially sugars. So that leaves me to try and find alternate way to satisfy my very rare sweet tooth. Heck, I even need to try and find appopriate snacks!!!

So I ask!! What is your HEALTHY guilty pleasure??


  • Chocolate, for sure! No doubt. Occasionally I get cravings for Taco Bell as well.
    BUT, I found the perfect solution(s) for my chocolate cravings which are Kashi TLC dark chocolate & coconut bars, light chocolate soy milk, and kashi go lean chocolate almond toffee bars, just in case you're a chocolate LOVER like me :)

    As far as Taco Bell goes, I eat lots of homemade mexican food but I still haven't found a recipe to match up their food =/
    But it'd probably make me sick now anyways.
  • Serowland
    Serowland Posts: 17 Member
    Greek yogurt! put a tablespoon of honey and a few walnuts or even better fruit on top and visualize a Greek island beach. We were there in May and that was a dessert every night (I couldn't eat the pastries as I have celiac disease - no gluten!). I have to avoid the little mini meringues - I can't stop!
  • Natalie511
    Natalie511 Posts: 75 Member
    Oh that is an awesome question...my quilty pleasure is ice cream...and chocolate for sure...
  • kimjoan
    kimjoan Posts: 192 Member
    The Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches - all flavors.
  • spoonfuls of peanut butter and skinny cow hot chocloate!
  • themommie
    themommie Posts: 4,988 Member
    klondike slim bar (100 calorie ice cream bars ) YUM
  • chips and salsa!!!
  • I buy the "healthy bunch" variety pack of popsicles. There's fudgsicles, regular fruit popsicles, and creamsicles all in one box. They're all sugar free and very low cal. The kids are not allowed to have the fudgsicles; those are strictly mom's; lol. Variety in the box means everyone's happy and I don't feel guilty about letting my kids (or myself) have a popsicle after dinner.
  • StephieWheats
    StephieWheats Posts: 88 Member
  • Jello brand low fat, sugar free, 60 calorie chocolate and dark chocolate pudding or Peter Pan brand whipped creamy peanut butter. It's thinner than regular, but tastes the same and has less calories, sugar and fat than regular :D
  • :drinker: fruit smoothies! frozen fruit, orange juice, and low fat yogurt YUM!!
  • chocolate tofuti cuttie soy ice cream sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on a bad day I'll eat 2
  • Ohhh and I discovered 2 other new, to die for snacks.

    Luna blueberry bliss bars & Mission tortilla chips w/ mission medium cheese dip. YUM!!!
  • bonitatica
    bonitatica Posts: 34 Member
    ice cream...yummmmmieee
  • Altiv
    Altiv Posts: 174 Member
    Chocolate! :D yumie-yumie! I can't live without a bar of chocolate once in a while, hehe, but I've managed to find a dark sugar-less chocolate with 60 cal per portion