Sauces to put on chicken

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I eat a lot of chicken. I love chicken. It's my meat of choice. However, i like to marinade it. The low calorie ones are easy to find, but low in sodium is a whole other matter. Please help. Any low sodium marinade?


  • BoomstickChick
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    I'm interested in this too. It seems it's one or the other lol. I'm a sucker for ranch on chicken though and I'm trying to cut back on that.
  • darkguardian419
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    Unless you have a medical condition preventing it, why worry about salt? Drink more water and make sure you're sweating :)

    I eat 5 to 7 grams a day, and my BP is perfect.
  • crystal_loga
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    I have no idea the calorie or sodium content, but the A-1 New Orleans Marinade is to die for! SOO good!
  • getting_fit86
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    If you are into a sweeter taste on your chicken, try pureeing mandarin oranges in a blender with some spices. I like to do it with a dash of chili powder, pepper and some garlic. You get a sweet taste with a bit of a kick and it is super low calorie. no sodium either!
  • LorinaLynn
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    Lime margarita mix. Marinade your chicken in that for a few hours or overnight, then bake with a glob of salsa on top, and add a sprinkle of mexican blend cheese and maybe crumble a tortilla chip or two over it. Sooo good.
  • JSA17
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    I use this quite often for chicken. Just eyeball it to your taste and mix together: Plain Greek Yogurt, Lemon Juice (or fresh lemon), tiny bit of olive oil, parsley, or whatever herbs you like. Coat chicken and grill or bake. Delish!
  • AprilRenewed
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    I make a Thai sauce out of PB2 and soy sauce. I also don't worry about sodium. I love salt, and I'm healthy, so until my doctor says "You need to cut back on salt" I'm going to enjoy it!

    Also, my husband's made a honey marinade with oregano. I don't know how he did it, but it was amazing.

    Let's salsa. Regular salsa. Healthy Request Cream of Mushroom Soup...BBQ sauce, Teriyaki sauce...
  • sammniamii
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    i like to use grill masters packets, i get 2-3 servings out of one (just add more water to thin it out) and let it sit all day. Comes out great.

    Also Lawry makes some good ones, just cut it down w/ water or maybe a little white wine. I don't care too much on the cals/sod, I watch my sugar/carb intake (thus why I cut them w/ water or wine).

    Quick & dirty, Ms Dash (garlic & herb or herb & onion) w/ some water, alittle oil and a dash of hot sauce. Makes a decent marinade.
  • Rockmyskinnyjeans
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    I like to do dry rubs on my chicken, usually. I'm not big on sauces. However, I really liked these 2 I found at Target. Both are Archer Farms. One is a Moroccan Grilling Sauce and the other is Garlic and Cracked Pepper. Amazing!
  • lax75
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    Some of us *do* have to worry about salt (and per the Mayo Clinic recommended levels more people *should*!) - I used to have no problem but this aging thing is changing that! :-(

    Anyway, just the background to my suggestion. We use the Forman grill a lot for chicken, but usually don't marinate because it's so hard to control how much salt/fat you're adding. But it can get pretty boring that way. So I loaded up on all sorts of different sauces/salsas so when we have chicken or fish we can each pick our "flavor of the day", and I know how much of it I'm eating and can log it correctly. You can pick your favorites, or make your own, but when my supermarket had a big sale on Stonewall Kitchen products I loaded up! Mango Lime (awesome with bluefish), Pineapple Chipotle, Fig and Ginger, different sorts of mustard, Farmhouse Relish - yum. You don't need very much for each serving of chicken/fish, so overall not more expensive than marinating. The only downside is that there are a lot of open SK jars in the fridge! :-)
  • RobTheGourmet
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    marinating any meat should be 20-30 minutes at most, I would do this on the counter while the meat comes to room temp which is essential for proper cooking of the meat, provides a even cooking time.

    as to what to marinate with any acid will do and need not be high in sodium how about a citrus marinade with a citrus glaze to finish such as grapefruit or orange also using the zest of the fresh fruit or even lemon / limes and citrons or pomelo.

    using fresh herbs is another way to go using them as airomatics or even celery leaf and fresh crushed / slivered garlic cut directly into the meat in some cases or used alongside the roasted flavor compounds will add to the flavor the meat.

    the only salt I use on chicken is an initial rub with kosher salt using a dry brine method or a wet brine in salt water solution no other salt is needed and this will provide the best possible outcome using osmosis in the case of wet brine to dry flavor directly into the meat this is very well established and used technique by professional chefs and gourmets such as myself.

    a dry brine with a kosher salt rub is another way to go and this will concentrate the flavors with these techniques and proper cooking with stainless and or cast iron using the right temp which means heating the pan for 2-3 minutes then adding a small amount of oil and searing the meat 5-6 minutes per side and finish by either roasting or baking for 20 - 30 minutes depending on size / thickness. The chicken then needs to be rested either covered or partially covered for 10-15 minutes this allows it to settle and finish also keeps it from bleeding the juices out and giving a dry texture / bite.
  • ckasap
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    Trader Joe's makes an amazing garlic simmer sauce for chicken or fish - it's delicious. We just had it last night with chicken breast, polenta, and green beans.
  • hananah89
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    This isn't so much a sauce, but last night I put some EVOO and Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning on a chicken breast and grilled it on my george foreman grill. I hadn't used that flavor before and it was pretty good (I put it on a mini pizza I was making)
  • tmpecus78
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    I use Braggs Liquid Aminos and Mrs Dash on my chicken.
  • dorybaby
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    Thanks everyone for your ideas!! I am definitely going to go to the store and look around for some of these things!! :)