What Junkfood is your "crack" ?



  • Dreaaa
    Dreaaa Posts: 319 Member
    deliciously salty snacks are my weakness.

    Takis. - its the Latin version of hot Cheetos
    Hot Cheetos

    I have to buy a small snack size because I will devour the large bag lol
  • Babygi6003
    Babygi6003 Posts: 356 Member
    Cake of any kind
  • CheekyBrahette
    CheekyBrahette Posts: 441 Member
    Sprinkle doughnuts! :love:
  • Mgregory723
    Mgregory723 Posts: 529 Member
    Popcorn and chocolate....I use to have this yummy combo every night. I haven't had it a long time.
  • Lennonluv2
    Lennonluv2 Posts: 956 Member
    Salt and vinegar potato chips
  • What316
    What316 Posts: 563
    What if crack is your junk food ...what then?
  • richied26
    richied26 Posts: 948 Member
  • JesseDP00
    JesseDP00 Posts: 367 Member
    Frito's scoops.
  • DashDeV
    DashDeV Posts: 545 Member
    actual crack
  • rdrkc
    rdrkc Posts: 11
    potato chips
  • skullshank
    skullshank Posts: 4,324 Member

    are you callin sushi "JUNK FOOD"?!?!!

  • Stump_Likker
    Stump_Likker Posts: 2,059 Member
    "Crack" is my crack. But I like doughnuts.
  • SlimSumday
    SlimSumday Posts: 379 Member
    Goodies ('Good 'n Plenty' in U.S.A.) - those wonderful multi-coloured candy coated licorice pieces!! YUM!!!
  • pcpharr
    pcpharr Posts: 37 Member
    Julios Tortilla Chips and Arriba Hot Salsa...OMG YUM!!
  • Nikoruo
    Nikoruo Posts: 771 Member
    ahh~! so many. Poutine is a biggie, and pizza too. Then for chips it would have to be dorito's...cant say no to those! cheese cake is also undeniable. Icecream... strawberry candies... man lots and lots haha.
  • tblessed2008
    tblessed2008 Posts: 3 Member
    Potato Chips
  • CeeBond
    CeeBond Posts: 12 Member
    Pretty much anything cheesy--cheese balls, cheese puffs, cheese curls, sour cream and cheddar potato chips, cheese popcorn, queso and chips, and any kind of cheese out there, including the cheese you squeeze out of a can--- the iist goes on and on and on!
  • heathern96
    heathern96 Posts: 1 Member
    D O M I N O S .
  • mrscruz625
    mrscruz625 Posts: 59 Member
    Brownies...Brownie batter..brownies with chocolate chunks...brownies with frosting...fudgy brownies...mmmmmmm brownies.....

    They are to me as precious is to Speigol....
  • kikionna4
    kikionna4 Posts: 308
    Any kind of pasta or bread. Gahhhh. I could just eat bunches!

    On account of my gall stones I can't eat a lot of horribly delicious foods. Bummer but probably a good thing.