I did it!!! I drove passed KFC and cooked my own dinner!!!



  • Vincentsrose
    Vincentsrose Posts: 8 Member
    Congrats! That is a big step for sure!
  • metallison
    metallison Posts: 16 Member
    That is so great!! Congratulations! You should be really proud of yourself.
  • VictoriaFitness2010
    VictoriaFitness2010 Posts: 175 Member
    OMG...I can totally relate!

    It is so hard saying no to our cravings, but when you make a smart healthy decision, the pride you feel is amazing. We must constantly tell ourselves that WE are in control of what we put in our bodies. I know first hand how pervasive cravings can be.

    I struggled to stay away from McDonalds yesterday...I felt amazing sitting down to a plate of grilled salmon, veggies, and sweet potato soup. So fresh, healthy, and yummy. Much better than the double cheeseburger I was pining for yesterday.

    One day at a time! A tip of the hat to you sis!
  • softblondechick
    softblondechick Posts: 1,276 Member
    Awesome! I have learned, that Sunday afternoon, I have to literally plan and prepare my food for the week. It makes it much easier for me to stay on track. I boil 24 eggs, peel them, and have them in baggies in the fridge now, for a quick snack. Or to throw in my bag for breakfast. I have found that one of my problems, was probably not eating enough protien.

    I also have issues with wanting to duck my exercise class, I just don't really like exercise. I had a bad day yesterday, just felt tired and cranky. The last thing I wanted to do was go lift weights. I now put my self on "auto pilot", no thinking, just do it. I went, and felt very good.
  • karibj2010
    karibj2010 Posts: 264 Member
    That is awesome, and something to be totally proud of!!! Way to go :smile:
  • galededras
    galededras Posts: 45 Member
    Good job!

    I'm always revolted by fast food a month or so into healthy eating. I can no longer even go through the drive through at McDonalds to get my unsweet tea because the smell makes me nauseous.
  • Kelly_Runs_NC
    Kelly_Runs_NC Posts: 474 Member
    Good for you girl. Keep your eye on the prize.
  • MrsNina1972
    MrsNina1972 Posts: 105 Member
    Great job! Give yourself a pat on the back!
  • RubyRunner14
    RubyRunner14 Posts: 148 Member
    *throws confetti* Great job!
  • megalin9
    megalin9 Posts: 771 Member
    I totally get this struggle. Excellent job!!!!!
  • tyb03
    tyb03 Posts: 52 Member
    AWESOME! I think you'll continue to do great. Remember, 1 day at a time :)
  • Lyerin
    Lyerin Posts: 818 Member
    Nice job! It is huge in the early days to consciously choose not to eat fast food. Now, I honestly don't have to even think about it. Of *course* I'm not going to go for McDonald's or KFC. I really just don't eat that stuff anymore.

    You can try to find healthier fast options though. Panera has some great salads, and many grocery stores have salad bars.

    Best of luck on your journey. :smile:
  • megz21691
    megz21691 Posts: 8 Member
    That is AMAZING! I struggle with this daily. Love your willpower. :)
  • mrsburghart
    mrsburghart Posts: 166 Member
    That's not only huge for you, that's huge for your kids, too! It's easy to get in that habit of "convenience" and teach that to our kids. Now they see you making smart choices, no matter the situation, and it will help them make smarter choices as they grow up. That's probably the best gift you can give them even if they don't think so now! You've got this :) I went from eating fast food 3x / day (gross I know) and now I only eat it when there is no other choice. It's a hard lifestyle to give up, but your health (and wallet) will thank you!
  • DivaColumbus
    DivaColumbus Posts: 25 Member
    That is great! I LOVE me some KFC also, (especially their Chicken Pot Pie), so I understand completely what this means to you. Congrats on the willpower to talk yourself out of stopping. One day at a time.
  • jagh09
    jagh09 Posts: 555 Member
    Great job! Congratulations to you! Keep up the great work. Eventually, you'll feel comfortable with the balance and be able to just enjoy it once in a while. Cooking at home is healthier, and much more affordable in the long run. Plus, you're setting a great example for those kids! You should feel very proud!!
  • MsMel123
    MsMel123 Posts: 12 Member
    It happened to me last night. I was on my way home. Wasn't sure what I wanted. I passed Popeye's, KFC, Wendy's, MC Donalds, Burger King, at least 3 or 4 seafood restaurants and a sign flashing *HOT DOUGHNUTS*. Well then there was Copelands, Outback, Applebee's, Chili's, and Subway.. I kept right on driving. All the way home. When I made it to the driveway I felt so accomplished. Honey it is big big NSV. One day at a time, one meal at a time. The best advice I can give you is plan ahead.
  • What a wonderful Success Story. So well written. You ARE awsome! Just think of the money you saved $$$ and being an awsome mommy for cooking for the kiddos too! I am doing a happy dance for you and sending all my "I'm so proud of you" energy your way!
  • chooriyah
    chooriyah Posts: 469 Member
    Well done! That's awesome.
  • hell yeah dood!
    i was at training for my new job and they had muffins and candy and i didnt eat one piece. i felt so good afterwards so i know how excited you must feel. :)
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