Any short girls (5'5" & under) need motivation?♥



  • curvygirl77
    curvygirl77 Posts: 769 Member
    I'm 5'3". Feel free to add me
  • JenRun1
    JenRun1 Posts: 212
    I'm 5'3" and on daily, feel free to add me. I'm an avid runner and also like to do at home work outs, mainly kick boxing.
  • go_iris
    go_iris Posts: 18 Member
    *raises hand*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Melissa_mojo
    Melissa_mojo Posts: 156 Member
    I'm 5'3 and 140 need to loose 15lb more I am up for new friends that are motivators and want to share tips and tricks on food exercise etc So please add me if your serious!
  • MelSabourin
    MelSabourin Posts: 68 Member
    5'4"...halfway to my goal. Fell off the wagon, after 200+ days of logging - but determined to stick to it:) Feel free to add me.
    BITEME_GRRR Posts: 150 Member
    Add me! I am 5'3" and have 6 lbs to go!!
  • lisamyershb
    lisamyershb Posts: 32 Member
    Please add me! Us little ladies need extra motivation!!! LOL
  • STEFFintheCHI
    STEFFintheCHI Posts: 1 Member
    I could definitely use some motivation!
  • Kari121869
    Kari121869 Posts: 180 Member
    5'4 - trying to loose the last 15-20lbs (lost 50lbs 3 yrs ago and this last 'bit' just doesn't want to budge!!). Feel free to add me!!
  • lexoxoc
    lexoxoc Posts: 135 Member
    I'm 4' 11"! Add me if you like! :)
  • tootchute
    tootchute Posts: 392 Member
    I'm 5'3 you can add me
  • zeebruhgirl
    zeebruhgirl Posts: 493 Member
    5'1 with about 80 pounds to lose!
  • jenk7356
    jenk7356 Posts: 43 Member
    4' 10 1/2". Great to see I'm not alone!
  • nikki2001
    nikki2001 Posts: 98 Member
    4'11 here with 55 more lbs to go feel free to add me! :)
  • kiddoc88
    kiddoc88 Posts: 244 Member
    5' and a hare under 1".. reached goal but need a kick in the pants to maintain and not slack
  • carolannsandell
    carolannsandell Posts: 2 Member
    I am 5'0". Add me!
  • 4 ft. 12 in. :) With a lot of weight to lose! Need all the help I can get!
  • Aeramis13
    Aeramis13 Posts: 135 Member
    5'2" and about 35 Lbs. into a 100 Lbs. loss. Everyone feel free to add me :)
  • tigerlinly
    tigerlinly Posts: 219 Member
    i'm 5'0 need all the motivation i can get
  • MorbidMander
    MorbidMander Posts: 349 Member
    5'3", looking to lose 25 pounds.