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    I'm not sure if you should use the MFP calorie settings for maintenance... I'm not NEARLY there yet but I do know that what they give you on MFP is at a deficit. Someday when I get there, I'm planning on adding about 100 calories probably every two weeks or so (depending on what happens) till I don't change. I would say slow and steady will win you this race :)
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    Update! Eating at 1650 this week (The MFP setting for sedentary maintenance) I have still lost a pound this week! My plan for this coming week is to remain at 1650, but eat back my exercise calories. I'm just planning to go up from there gradually until I maintain. I think it's a trial and error and will take a while to find the right number that works for me. I don't think it's as easy as adding back calories/per day based on weekly loss because that varies from week to week. I did add up my average by calculating my loss over the last couple of months vs my average calorie intake and according to my calculations, maintenance could end up being 1950. I'd be SO happy with that!

    I just checked and the MFP setting for active would have me at 1910, so perhaps I will end up there!
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    I stopped using MFP's calculators from my very first day of maintenance a year ago. I got my numbers from Scooby's Workshop ( and stayed with those numbers for half a year. Because I was no longer using MFP's calculators, I also stopped logging my exercise calories.

    Sometime in early Feb I realized I was getting hungry more often, which was new to me. I did some research and stumbled upon this thread:

    I used the calculator and crunched out the numbers. And my mind was blown. I discovered I had been under-eating by several hundred calories at least.

    So far I have been feeling really good from eating between 1800 and 2000 calories a day.

    I went the the thread you noted above. When I got the the Macronutrient portion the last one really made me laugh::laugh: Over all reading the whole thing was a good read and very informative and others may find it helpful too:bigsmile:

    There are 4 macronutrients. A high level explanation of each of their functions is:

    Protein, which is required for muscle retention/growth
    Fat, which is required for healthy body functions
    Carbs, which provide energy
    Alcohol, which provides for embarrassing photos
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    I started maintenance (1620 plus eating back all my exercise cals) when I hit 135 (I am 5' 5.5"), and slowly lost about another 5 pounds over the next few months, and then stabilized around 130. I kept logging for almost a year, then stopped and I am back up to around 135 now. I feel pretty good at this weight, but wouldn't mind losing a couple pounds, so I am logging - staying pretty much at maintenance or a little below. Based on previous experience, I should slowly lose a little body fat!
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    I have been in maintenance for a year now.

    My original goal at weight loss was 1200 cals a day + exercise cals.

    Maintenance is 1560 + exercise.

    This is with my goals set at sedentary all the time and adding all exercise. (not housework/cleaning lol)

    It works for me.
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    One of my big issues is exercise variance. I am looking at my running log in another tab. In the last 9 weeks, I had 2 weeks where I ran 30 or more miles, 2 weeks where I ran slightly under 10 miles and the other 5 are all between 20 and 25. The lowest was 9 and the highest 35. At 125 calories per mile, that's a difference of nearly 500 calories a day between my most active and least active weeks.

    Interesting feedback and something I never really thought of before so thank you for mentioning it ☺
    I generally have mileage per week anything from 48 to 52 miles and those 4 miles could really make a difference!
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    I don't use MFP's suggested calories for maintaining my weight because I simply cannot eat that much in a day! I fluctuate a few pounds from week to week but never go over my "goal weight" as I was underweight to begin with. I just eat when I'm hungry and try to get higher caloric foods. :( Easiest for me with my lifestyle. I think everyone finds what works best for them with trial and error. Good luck.
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    5ft 6" is above average height for most women...I wish I was that tall :blush:

    have you worked out your TDEE? at your height you should be able to eat alot more. I'm 5ft 2", and can eat 2000 to maintain. I walk/run 8 miles/day though.